October 3, 2019

Write Romance? Announcing a New Workshop!

Image of Romance Beat Sheet workshop on background of confetti with text: Introducing a New Workshop!

As I hinted at in my last post about the upcoming free Romance Writers Summit, I’m announcing a brand-new workshop. Yay!

I’ve been thinking about adding this workshop to my repertoire for about two years, but with all the chaos of my health issues, I haven’t had the time to put it together. Now… I’m making the time. *grin*

Over the years, my most popular writing resource has consistently been the Romance Beat Sheet. In fact, this tool has been downloaded over 60,000 times!

(No matter how astounding that figure is to you, no one is more shocked than I am. Believe me.)

However, no detailed instructions existed for how to use the Romance Beat Sheet. Until now… *smile*

It’s Been a Long Time Coming

I created the Romance Beat Sheet 7 years ago. And as there’d be no one better to come up with the detailed instructions than the person who designed the tool, I figured it was time for me to finish the job. *grin*

Those of us who write romance know that romance stories are complicated—more complicated than other genres.

Stories in the romance genre include:

  • multiple protagonists
  • an external plot arc
  • two (or more) internal character arcs
  • and a romance arc (the growth of the relationship over the course of the story).

The Romance Beat Sheet can bring those elements together and help us develop our romance arc on a deeper level—but only if we truly know how to use it. That’s where my new workshop can help…

Between the Sheets: Create a Deeper Romance with the Romance Beat Sheet

My new Between the Sheets workshop covers all aspects of how to use my Romance Beat Sheet, so it’ll help writers at every level. We’ll start by explaining the basics and build on that foundation to explore how to intertwine our plot and character arcs with our romance arc.

Write romance? Check out this new workshop by the creator of the Romance Beat Sheet! Click To Tweet The goal of the class is to help us all better understand romance-specific story structure and beats, which we can then use to improve our storytelling. In other words, this knowledge will help us whether we plot our stories in advance or write by the seat of our pants.

By the end of this class, students at all skill levels will know how to use the Romance Beat Sheet to create stronger stories with deeper romance arcs. Attendees will also receive a mini-ebook-style handout with more information.

Topics covered include:

  • Introduction to story arcs, beats, 3-act structure, and terminology
  • Introduction to beat sheets
  • Understanding the elements that make up our characters’ arcs
  • Digging into the Romance Beat Sheet:
    • What should happen at each beat?
    • What do the questions on the Romance Beat Sheet mean?
    • How do plot events affect the romance arc?
    • How can we make our character arcs more compelling in a romance?
    • How can we make our romance arc deeper?

Interested? Here’s the Details…

This workshop is being offered as a LIVE class:

  • Thursday, October 24th, 9 p.m. Eastern (New York) time/6 p.m. Pacific time

The workshop will run approximately 2 hours. (Although it’s likely to run longer with the Q&A session at the end if attendees have lots of questions.)

What’s that? You’re not sure the date and time work for you?

Love the Romance Beat Sheet but want to learn how to use it better? Click To TweetThe webinar will be recorded so you can view it later on your schedule, right from your internet browser (best viewed in Firefox or Chrome). So we can watch the presentation as many times as we want. (And yes, I say “we” because I always learn something new as well when I give a workshop.)

The recording includes all elements of the webinar (audio, video, chat, slides, etc.). The presentation is fully bookmarked so you can jump to the section of the recording you need when you have questions.

Even better, I’ve already discounted this workshop for all of you, my friends and blog readers. Bonus!

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Want to Save (More) Money?

Now here’s the cool part…

If you’ve attended my Lost Your Pants? workshop in the past, watch your email for an exclusive coupon. (I first introduced a lot of this material in that workshop over the years, so I figure those writers should get a discount. *smile*)

But don’t worry. If you’re not a previous student of Lost Your Pants?, you can create a bit of luck for yourself.

As I mentioned last time, although the Romance Writers Summit is free, you can choose to upgrade to an All Access Pass. Those who buy an All Access Pass get lifetime access to the over 16 hours of expert insights and guidance — and a bunch of bonuses.

It just so happens that one of those bonuses is a coupon to get this new workshop for only $10! Yes, that means if you jump on the $49 pre-Summit pricing for the All Access Pass, you’ll save an additional $25 off my friends-and-blog-readers price above—half the current cost of the whole All Access Pass—just with this single bonus.

A new workshop and a choice between two awesome coupons? I must really like you all. *snicker*

*whew* It’s been a lot of work to get this all set up, especially while I’m still recovering from my surgery two weeks ago. But I hope it’s worth it for all of us!

P.S. Yes, for those in the U.S., the title of the workshop — Between the Sheets: Create a Deeper Romance with the Romance Beat Sheet — is a play on the fortune cookie joke…because I couldn’t resist.

There is a common joke in the United States involving fortune cookies that involves appending "between the sheets" or "[except] in bed" to the end of the fortune, usually creating a sexual innuendo or other bizarre messages (e.g., "Our greatest glory is not in never falling but in rising every time we fall [in bed]").

Romance (and sex).
(Beat) Sheets.
The joke was just begging to be used. #NotSorry

What do you think of this new workshop? Do you have any questions about it? Or about the ways you can save money? Or the date/time or recording aspect?

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Hi Jami, I purchased the All-Access Pass to the Summit, but I haven’t gotten a confirmation email or the free ebook you mentioned in the last post. When I went to click “access your bonus materials” button I just got a 404 message. I wonder if something’s gone wrong, or if none of it can be accessed until the 14th. I was wanting to get the bonus code for your course. Do you know who I should contact?


Yay! So gonna buy this course! And I’m gonna plug it for you, so I hope that’s all right. LOL

Sherry Rector
Sherry Rector

Great marketing move with this offer, Jami! I wasn’t planning to purchase the summit, but your workshop offer tipped the scales for me. Except for Sacha Black’s non-fiction work and books, I’m not familiar with any of the other authors because I don’t usually read romance.

Although I have never attended one of your workshops, I love your high-quality blog and always find something of value in the material. I think $10 is a great price for one of your live classes.

I’ve downloaded a number of your beat sheets over the past couple of years, but I haven’t made much use of them. Your instruction on how to use the Romance Beat Sheet will be very helpful.

And – talk about synchronicity – I am just now re-reading “Stone-Cold Heart”. I enjoyed the book primarily because it was so well-written. I’m impressed with your character development and I’ve been trying to analyze how you pull that off in your writing.

Basically, I bought the summit because I’m aware of the quality of your work.

Hope you heal quickly from your surgery and have a great month, Jami!



I loved your interview at RWS and signed up for this webinar straight away 🙂 I really look forward to it, because connecting all those arcs together is something I struggle with immensely.

Quick question, since it will be 3AM where I live when the webinar goes life (and getting up in the middle of the night is not really an option with work and kids in the morning), is there any way for us to ask questions later? Just thought I’d ask.

Anyway, look forward to Friday. Just in time for Nanowrimo! Cheers.

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