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I’m a teacher at heart and a Google research ninja, so I love sharing with others the various things I’ve learned. Here, I’ve included links to writing worksheets, some of my writing advice blog posts, and other helpful resources—websitestools, and craft and reference books—for writers. In addition, I offer editing services and workshops to help more writers find success.

If you have any questions about writing, marketing, publishing, social media, etc., you can search my blog to see if I’ve already posted about the topic (see the “GOT A QUESTION?” search box in the sidebar). If I haven’t addressed your question, go to my Contact page and ask away. Put “Ask Jami” in the Subject, and I’ll do my best to answer the question on my blog if I haven’t addressed it before. This is one small way I try to pay back the writing community for their support.

My Editing Services

I offer both developmental (content) editing and book doctor story analysis. Have a broken story metaphorically stuffed under the bed? Maybe I can help.

My Workshops

I present workshops in person, through recorded OnDemand webinars, and in real-time, online classrooms. Current topics include developing a website, learning about beat sheets, and tools for writing by the seat of your pants.

My Writing Worksheets

  • Plot-Oriented Beat Sheets: Excel spreadsheets based on Blake Snyder’s Save the Cat Beat Sheet, Larry Brooks’ Story Engineering structure, and a master spreadsheet combining the above two story planning approaches
  • Character-Oriented Beat Sheet: Excel spreadsheet based on Michael Hauge’s “Using Inner Conflict to Create Powerful Love Stories” workshop, merging a character’s internal journey with a standard three-act plot structure
  • Romance-Oriented Beat Sheet: Excel spreadsheet for developing the beats of a romance arc over a standard three-act story structure
  • Story and Scene-Strengthening Worksheets: MS Word documents and spreadsheets with checklists to ensure our stories are well-developed and our scenes have the right elements
  • Scrivener Templates: Templates based on my Basic Beat Sheet and my Romance Beat Sheet for drafting a story in Scrivener in line with story beats

My Writing Articles

I’ve written over 900 posts on my blog, most geared toward writers. Sign up for my newsletter to receive new blog posts every Tuesday and Thursday. The links below highlight some of the most useful and helpful posts so far (or use the search box in the sidebar to find information about a specific topic).

Favorite Writing Blogs and Resources

  • Fiction University by author Janice Hardy (excellent writing craft advice) and her team of guest authors (for more writing and publishing advice), including the Indie Author Series, where I’m a faculty member/guest blogger
  • Writers Helping Writers (The Bookshelf Muse) by authors Angela Ackerman and Becca Puglisi (home of writing thesauruses for brainstorming unique emotion, settings, weather, and sensory information, etc.)
  • One Stop for Writers by Angela and Becca, the same team as above and the authors of the fantastic Emotion Thesaurus, created an online version of all their thesaurus collections and tools
  • Writer’s Knowledge Base by author/link-collector Elizabeth Spann Craig (the search engine for writers)
  • by author Larry Brooks (great breakdown of story structure; author of Story Engineering)
  • warriorwriters by author/social media expert Kristen Lamb (fantastic advice about writing and publishing industry; home of #MyWANA)
  • edittorrent by editors Theresa Stevens and Alicia Rasley (writing advice and publishing news from editors)

Favorite Writing Tools and Resources

  • OneNote: A free, full-featured application for saving research notes, planning our story, capturing photos and ideas, etc. And everything is searchable. Squee!
  • Dropbox: Never lose your writing! Internet-based, password-secure storage to access your work from any connected device (computer, phone, tablet). Ta-da! Instant backups. *smile*
  • Evernote: A great little access-anywhere note-taking application. I use this for everything from grocery lists to remembering that cool name for a character I saw in a movie’s credits.
  • Scrivener: Writing tool for planning, drafting, and ebook formatting. I mostly use this for drafting, but the possibilities are endless. (For Windows and Mac)
  • TechSurgeons: Need a (better) website/blog? TechSurgeons specializes in author services (and understands our neuroses!). Super reliable, kick*ss support, and technical geniuses. (Why yes, they’ve saved my site more times than I can count. *smile*)

Favorite Writing Craft and Reference Books

Click here for a listing of writing craft and reference books I’ve used and/or discussed on my blog


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