Ironclad Devotion

Ironclad Devotion

A Biker-Chick Fire Faerie and
an Iron-Bending Navajo Cowboy?
Watch the Sparks Fly!

Safeguarding her freedom,
a faerie princess locks down her heart,
but a blacksmith forges the key...


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A faerie princess evading her fate…

Earth is no place for a faerie, but Kira can’t go home without dooming her people. Desperate to avoid the pull of her homeland, she fosters an abandoned girl, the child’s joy a source of much-needed energy.

A blacksmith with something to prove…

When Zachary Chase discovers he has a daughter, he’s determined to be part of his child’s life and not repeat his mother’s neglect. But to open the little girl’s heart, he must earn her foster mother’s trust.

One night is never enough…

Despite their rivalry, Kira and Zac’s desires tempt them into one no-consequences night. Yet the more passion flares between them, the more Kira risks destroying the life she’s carved out on Earth—and endangering those she cares about in both worlds.

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Welcome to the Mythos Legacy, where real myths find real love!

Each standalone story in the series can be read in any order (and ends happily!), but if you’re new to the series, check out Unintended Guardian, the free introduction to the world. I hope you enjoy these contemporary fantasy/paranormal romances, where mythological beings like faeries find their perfect match among humans.

Note: For adult readers–contains hot sex scenes, language, and edgy situations. Click here for full content guidance and advisory notes (including minimal spoilers).



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Quote from Kira of Ironclad Devotion: Holy hell, did she love her a good dimple. And this one was deadly. She needed to get him to stop smiling. Now.

Quote from Kira of Ironclad Devotion: Did the guy have a fear of faeries? If not, she was about to give him one.

Quote from Kira of Ironclad Devotion:

Quote from Kira of Ironclad Devotion:

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Mythos Information

How Does Ironclad Devotion tie in to the Mythos World?

(Warning: Potential Spoilers Below…)
  • Treasured Claim mentioned that dragons used to have a homeland. Now, readers learn how they lost it, the reasons for the dragon-faerie war, and how dragons came to Earth.

  • In Treasured Claim, Elaina’s hair is described as “changeling,” which she inherited from her mother, who presumably had faerie blood in her lineage. Kira of Ironclad Devotion gives a detailed look at pure-blood changeling hair.

  • In Pure Sacrifice, Markos learns of connections between some faeries and unicorns. The reason why those faeries would have worked with unicorns is revealed here, as Kira learns the gargoyles are missing from the palace and new guards had been needed. The fallout of those connections for unicorns caught in the middle is also alluded to here.

  • More of the Mythos plane is explored, including the elemental spirits of the faerie homeland and of Mythos itself, as well as how each race taps into different styles of magic.

  • Like in Pure Sacrifice, we see Zac ensure the importation of non-living material doesn’t cause an imbalance between planes.

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Behind the Scenes

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Bonus Information: Background Research

(Warning: Potential Spoilers Below…)

Most details were based on real facts, and the Pinterest board above contains images of the inspiration for Zac’s house and many locations. Even the initial inspiration for the story came from a newspaper article by Karina Bland about B.A.C.A. (Bikers Against Child Abuse). Sadly, Moose’s bar is from imagination, but Cave Creek in Arizona is home to a well-known Bike Week every year.

Can’t imagine Zac’s cowboy ringtone? Here’s the inspiration.

Kira’s true name comes from a blending of several names from European languages with meanings like: fairy queen, throne, sunrise, spark, fiery ones, light, etc.

As mentioned in the story, the Navajo prayer of Zac’s grandfather isn’t based on an actual ceremony (both in the interest of the characters’ lack of time and for privacy of the Navajo culture), but Sani’s misunderstanding of Kira’s nature is based on real Navajo teachings about the gods and holy ones.

Not sure what a house decorated with wrought iron would look like? Here’s an image with that inspiration…

Foyer with wrought iron accents

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Awards & Recognitions:
Ironclad Devotion Is an Award-Winning Story!

  • WINNER of the 2015 National Readers’ Choice Award for Paranormal Romance!

Jami Gold with her stone award tablet for Ironclad Devotion's win of the National Readers' Choice Award

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