October 1, 2019

How to Get Expert Writing Advice…for Free!

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In case you missed it, last week Kris Kennedy shared the conclusion of her fantastic 5-part guest post series on Must-Read Backstory. Each entry of her series focused on a key idea for how we can make our backstory essential reading for readers of our story.

At the end of her series, Kris mentioned an upcoming opportunity for writers—especially those who write romance—to get expert advice. All for free!

I’m still slowly recovering from my surgery two weeks ago, and a big blog post is beyond me right now. But as I’ve been tapped as one of the experts on this project with Kris, I want to share the details so we all can learn from some of the experts in our field. *smile*

Introducing the Romance Writers Summit!

The Romance Writers Summit will give you all the keys you need to write powerful fiction. It’s targeted for romance writers, but writers and storytellers in all genres are welcome! The focus is on the story.

Want to attend a FREE online writing conference? Check out the Romance Writers Summit! Click To TweetThe Summit will run from Monday, October 14th through Friday, October 18th. But it’s all online and works with whatever time zone you’re in.

Every day of the Summit, several videos will go live, with an expert in each video sharing their craft knowledge. For the first 24 hours, these videos are available for free.

The next day, the next set of videos is published. Again, these will be free for the first 24 hours. And so on during the week, adding up to over 20 advice videos.

Sounds good, right? It’s like a week-long writing conference that we don’t have to travel to, and better yet, it’s all free. *grin*

How Good Is It? Who Are These Experts?

As I mentioned, I’m one of the participants, and during my video, Kris and I walk through the Romance Beat Sheet, touching on some of the details of what should happen at each beat to develop our romance arc. Other participants are bestselling authors, editors, story coaches, etc.

Some of the well-known experts in the Summit are:

  • mega-bestseller Marie Force
  • former Carina Press editor Angela James
  • writing-craft guru (and all-around awesome person and guest poster here) Janice Hardy

In addition to Kris Kennedy, other names I recognize from seeing their advice, insights, and guidance across the internet and various workshops include: Melissa Blue, Farrah Rochon, Robin Covington, Mary Buckham (another guest poster here), Sacha Black (fellow Resident Writing Coach at Writers Helping Writers), and Erica Ridley.

Grid of Summit Speaker headshots

(Click on the image to check out all the participating experts.)

Will We Actually Learn Anything?

Each expert focuses on a writing skill we can improve, including:

  • Plotting
  • Working With A Beat Sheet
  • Using a Logline to Craft & Hone your Novel
  • Characterization
  • Pacing
  • Crafting The Perfect Villain
  • Crafting Must-Read Backstory
  • How To Add Suspense & Thrills To Your Novel
  • Adapting Your Novel To A Screenplay
  • Creating Memorable Characters
  • Myths That Keep Writers Stuck
  • Storytelling in Video Games
  • Storytelling in Non-Fiction
  • Crafting The Alpha
  • Building Worlds & Characters
  • Perils & Joys of Cross-Genre Writing
  • How To Craft a Bestselling Romance Series
  • Romance Tropes: Why They Matter & How To Twist Them
  • Navigating The Editorial Relationship
  • Going from Panster To Plotter
  • Breaking Down Pride & Prejudice By The Beats
  • Passion, Sex, & Romance & How To Make Them Matter More
  • Keys To Crafting An Opening That Grabs Your Reader
  • Romance-centric Beat Sheet Breakdowns
  • Plot Your Character-Driven Story TODAY Using These Four Turning Points

How Do We Join the Romance Writers Summit?

So how do we get access to all of these free advice videos? Easy. Just register for your free ticket to the Romance Writers Summit.

Grab a free mini-ebook with three keys to writing romance at this link, just for registering for the Romance Writers Summit! Click To TweetOnce you’re registered, each day of the Summit, you can watch the free videos from your account. You’ll also receive a daily reminder email with a link to log in and watch that day’s videos.

There’s also a free mini-ebook available now to those who register. This ebook covers three vital keys to crafting powerful, page-turning, fan-building romance fiction.

What about the 24-hour Limitation?

As I mentioned above, each video will be free for the first 24 hours it’s live. After that, the videos will only be accessible to those who purchase an All Access Pass.

Those who buy an All Access Pass get lifetime access to the over 16 hours of expert insights and guidance. In other words, the conference is free but the recordings of the workshops are an extra charge. *smile*

Those recordings can come in handy if you’re not sure you’ll have time to watch all the videos the day they go live, or if you’re afraid “conference brain” will set in by the end of the week, and nothing more will sink in your long-term memory.

In addition, an All Access Pass includes a bonus package of writer resources. So even if you’re not afraid of conference brain or finding the time to watch the videos, an All Access Pass might be worth it just for the bonuses.

What’s in the All Access Pass Bonus Package?

The Bonus Package includes courses, worksheets, ebooks, checklists, discount codes, etc…

Just a few of the bonuses in the package are:

  • Building Your Author Platform course by Alexa Bigwarfe
  • Break Into Fiction: 11 Steps to Building a Story that Sells ebook by Mary Buckham
  • Fixing Your Character & Point of View Problems ebook by Janice Hardy
  • 10% Discount on Before You Hit Send course by Angela James
  • 13 Steps to Evil: How to Craft a Superbad Villain ebook by Sacha Black
  • Logline Worksheet by Naomi Beaty
  • Marketing Checklist by Kira Ming
  • Visual Cheatsheet for Characterization by Rebecca Monterusso

I’m also throwing in a discount bonus. (Hint: It’s for a brand-new workshop. *grin*)

The All Access Pass Is On Sale Now…

Just my discount alone is worth about half the pre-Summit discount price of the All Access Pass, not even counting all the other bonuses. Or of course the ongoing access to the videos.

So if you think you might want longer-than-24-hour access to the videos or want to snag the bonus package, now’s the time to purchase the All Access Pass. The Pass is just $49 with the current pre-Summit pricing, but after the 13th, the price will increase each day of the Romance Writers Summit.

I’m really excited to learn along with everyone else. So I’m all signed up for the Summit, and I hope it can help others too. *smile*

Have you registered for the Romance Writers Summit? Which expert, topic, or bonus are you most looking forward to? Do you have any questions about the Summit or how the free access vs. the All Access Pass works?

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