Pure Sacrifice

Pure Sacrifice

Sexy, Shapeshifting Unicorn for
Not-So-Shy Virgin

To save his race,
a shapeshifting unicorn must keep
the chosen virgin pure.
But she has other plans…


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A shapeshifting unicorn desperate to save his race…

The last guardian of his kind, Markos Ambrostead must keep the chosen Virgin hidden and untainted. But when an attacker breaches his protective magic, he’s forced to reveal himself to defend her life.

A tenacious woman who refuses to be ignored…

Celia Hawkins wishes the world would get a clue and stop treating her like she’s invisible. Only one man notices her, or is that her imagination? After narrowly escaping an attempted rape, she demands answers from her mysterious rescuer—starting with why he’s been following her.

Rules were made to be broken…

Markos can’t risk being tempted by the Virgin, yet emboldened by his attention, Celia’s determined to become his friend. Maybe more. Maybe much more. Now he must hold onto his crumbling willpower to maintain her purity—or his tribe will become extinct.

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Welcome to the Mythos Legacy, where real myths find real love!

Each standalone story in the series can be read in any order (and ends happily!), but if you’re new to the series, check out Unintended Guardian, the free introduction to the world. I hope you enjoy these contemporary fantasy/paranormal romances, where mythological beings like shapeshifting unicorns find their perfect match among humans.

Note: For adult readers–contains hot sex scenes and edgy situations. Click here for full content guidance and advisory notes (including minimal spoilers).


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Quote from Markos of Pure Sacrifice: She took a step toward him.

Quote from Markos of Pure Sacrifice: He held his breath, unable to give in and yet unable to resist.

Quote from Markos of Pure Sacrifice:

Quote from Markos of Pure Sacrifice: The easy excuse would be that he'd fallen under her spell. No one would blame him.

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Mythos Information

How Does Pure Sacrifice tie in to the Mythos World?

(Warning: Potential Spoilers Below…)
  • Griff of Unintended Guardian explained how he knew his missing treasure couldn’t be on the Mythos plane because he would sense an imbalance. Readers see Markos’s efforts to prevent an imbalance while importing and exporting between Mythos and Earth.

  • Markos mentions why Mythos lacks iron, which hints at the danger of that metal to faeries.

  • Markos discovers connections between some faeries and unicorns, which continues to be important through future stories.

  • Markos and Archimedes wonder if faeries are in the midst of a civil war when making observations about their “helper.” The truth of the tumultuous situation is revealed in Ironclad Devotion.

  • Pure Sacrifice marks the first glimpse of the Mythos plane, at least of the unicorn homeland.

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Behind the Scenes

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Bonus Information: Background Research

(Warning: Potential Spoilers Below…)

All of the details, from Markos’s house and car in St. Louis and property in Ireland to Auntie’s neighborhood and transit options in St. Louis, were based on real facts.

The Pinterest board above contains images of the car and house inspiration. That setting was based on a 7500 square foot Tudor-style residence from 1925 available for sale along Forest Park at the time Jami was writing the story. The real estate page is no longer available, but luckily, she saved this picture to share an idea of Markos’s private backyard…

View of the backyard

Can’t picture Markos’s bedroom from the description? Here’s the inspiration…

Inspiration for Markos's bedroom

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