Stone-Cold Heart

Stone-Cold Heart

Two Warriors,
Two Hearts,
One Chance at Love

Abandoned to his fate,
a shapeshifting gargoyle is trapped
until she sets him free...


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About the Book

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A gargoyle betrayed by his soldiers…

After centuries of stone-cold death, Garrett discovers his legion has deserted him. Without their help, he’ll succumb to eternal sleep once more unless he can trick the woman who woke him into trusting him with her soul.

A combat veteran scarred inside and out…

Her last night in Afghanistan, Raquel Guerrero’s team fell victim to a suicide bomber, killing everyone but her. Now, despite her determination to never again let anyone close, her sense of duty compels her to help an endangered warrior survive.

Trust isn’t in their vocabularies…

A tentative truce frees them to investigate his regiment’s abandonment—and unleashes passionate temptations. But when the truth is uncovered, Garrett and Raquel’s fragile bond—and the healing power of love—might be the only thing that keeps them alive.

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Welcome to the Mythos Legacy, where real myths find real love!

Each standalone story in the series can be read in any order (and ends happily!), but if you’re new to the series, check out Unintended Guardian, the free introduction to the world. I hope you enjoy these contemporary fantasy/paranormal romances, where mythological beings like shapeshifting gargoyles find their perfect match among humans.

Note: For adult readers–contains hot sex scenes, language, and edgy situations. Click here for full content guidance and advisory notes (including minimal spoilers).

Want to learn more about the U.S. Army’s Cultural Support Team program that inspired Raquel’s character? Click on the Military info tab below…



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Quote from Garrett of Stone-Cold Heart: It no longer mattered that he had no soul. He'd found heaven in her arms.

Quote from Garrett of Stone-Cold Heart: She smiled up at him, oh-so-tempting. His legendary gargoyle patience would be stretched to the limit tonight.

Quote from Garrett of Stone-Cold Heart: Perhaps he could distract her with a kiss. Yes, her luscious lips were far past due for that tactic.

Quote from Raquel and Garrett of Stone-Cold Heart:

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Mythos Information

How Does Stone-Cold Heart tie in to the Mythos World?

(Warning: Potential Spoilers Below…)
  • Treasured Claim and Ironclad Devotion both referred to a war between the dragons and the faeries. Now, readers learn more about how that battle was fought—and how the gargoyles were involved.

  • This story refers to Lirdeag and the fate of his daughter, which both play a big role in Ironclad Devotion.

  • In Ironclad Devotion, Kira notes the lack of gargoyles in the faerie palace, and this story explains their absence. The same explanation lies behind Markos’s discovery of connections between some faeries and unicorns in Pure Sacrifice.

  • The elemental spirits of the faerie homeland and of Mythos itself are mentioned in Ironclad Devotion, and the earth spirits of the world are again important here.

  • The lamians cause trouble in both Ironclad Devotion and Stone-Cold Heart.

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Behind the Scenes

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Bonus Information: Background Research

(Warning: Potential Spoilers Below…)

Most details were based on real facts, and the major research and story inspiration involved with Raquel’s military experience can be found on the Military Info tab at the top of this section.

Other extensive research focused on PTSD symptoms/complications and treatment (such as Raquel’s reference to psychomotor therapy), burn scars and skin grafts, and Puerto Rican culture (including the recipe for mofongo).

Like Garrett, many stone gargoyles call New York City home. But he’s unique in many ways, the least of which is his collection of different forms of gold and gemstones.

Speaking of gemstones, ever wonder what an uncut diamond looks like?

Uncut diamond

And check out this inspiration of an abandoned offshore oil drilling platform…

Oil rig

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Background Military Information about
the U.S. Army’s Cultural Support Teams

Some readers may wonder whether Raquel’s military experience—serving on the front lines of combat alongside a special operations team—is realistic. After all, until recent policy changes, the United States military didn’t allow servicewomen into combat situations.

However, female soldiers with special combat training were attached to those special operations units, skirting the letter of the law. From 2011 through 2014, approximately 200 female soldiers completed the rigorous Cultural Support Team training and embedded with U.S. special operation forces.

These women served, risked their lives, and—yes, in some cases—died. Yet even most in the U.S. Army have never heard of the CST program, so to learn more, here’s some of my research sources:

Women in Combat, in Their Own Words

Cultural Support Teams in Afghanistan Video

  • Inside the military program that put women in combat

    Focus on CST member 1st Lt. Ashley White:
    “White was among her own. These were women who did CrossFit twice a day; whose favorite movies were “G.I. Jane” and “Black Hawk Down”; whose highest compliment was to regard a fellow female competitor as “a beast.””

  • Rachel Washburn: An American Hero

    The story of this 1st Lt. is how I first heard about the CST program:
    “Eagles cheerleader Rachel Washburn…traded in her midnight green Vera Wang-designed cheerleader uniform for army fatigues.”

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