Brothers of Stone

Introducing a New Spinoff Series!


Brothers of Stone


For eternity, the curse of magic kept gargoyles shackled, caught in stone-death unless they manipulated women into helping them. Now the curse has been broken, and new magic allows them true freedom for the first time.

They’re free from stone. Free to live. And free to love…

Continuing the adventures from
Stone-Cold Heart in a new spinoff series,
come meet the Brothers of Stone



In Stone-Cold Heart, Brianna wrangled a promise out of Garrett to set her up with Kamen, one of his “brothers.” Now, months later, Garrett and her bestie, Raquel, are incommunicado, and Brianna is tired of waiting to be invited to meet the guy.

In her usual take-charge way, Brianna searches for answers, but the houseful of brothers isn’t like anything she imagined, and worse, Kamen has zero interest in meeting her. She’d be crushed if she’d had any expectations of a serious relationship, but maybe this setback is the perfect opportunity to discover someone else who wants the same things out of life she does—and might even want her too.


Join Kamen, Adan, Dmytro, Petrus, Craeg, Joran, Georgio
and all the gargoyles of Garrett’s regiment
as they discover the possibilities of their new life…

Coming in 2020!



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