December 3, 2019

The Ultimate Gift Guide for Writers — 2019 Edition

Snowman holding a gift with text: The Ultimate Gift Guide for Writers

How’s everyone doing on their shopping so far this year? Are you ahead because you’re just that organized? Or have you not started yet because this year’s calendar—with Thanksgiving falling so late—is tricking you into thinking there’s more time than there really is?

Uh… *raises hand to that second one* I’ve been so busy working on recovering from our house flood that I haven’t started yet. Get on that, self. *grin*

Need ideas for writing-related gifts? Here's something for everyone... Click To TweetObviously, I’m not a shopaholic, so I usually need help knowing what gifts to buy for people. That means it’s time to start thinking about what we might want for writerly gifts this year. With that in mind, I updated my Ultimate Gift Guide for Writers, and I included lots of links because I’m a lazy bum who prefers online shopping. *smile*

If you’re a writer, this might help you give suggestions to family or friends. Or you can direct your family to this post for ideas. Something on this list is bound to please every writer out there.

Stocking Stuffers

Inspiration Help

For Writers Who Outline or Like Organization

Technology Helpers

Big Ticket/Ergonomic Items

Writing Craft and Publishing-Related Books & Tools

Writing and Publishing-Related Workshops

Reader/Writer Themed Gifts

Miscellaneous Suggestions

What did I miss? What other writing craft or publishing-related books do you recommend? Do you have suggestions for other items to add to the list? Which things would you most like to receive? Is there anything on the list you wouldn’t want? Will you brave the store crowds this year?

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Jennifer Rose

An aromatherapy pen? That is so cool!
PS. I LOVE those erasable pens. I use the clicker version. I just wish they lasted longer. Much longer. But it’s the price to pay to have your edits and planning notes look all nice. 😀

Star Ostgard
Star Ostgard

Lots of great suggestions – one caveat re: voice recorders: Make sure it’s compatible with any voice-to-text software you might be using. Dragon is one that can be very ‘particular’, but they do have a large list of compatible recorders on their website.

Lisa Pineo
Lisa Pineo

Thanks so much for the amazing list. The new entries are great. I love the idea of the magnetic notebook since I hate trying to organize regular notebooks by guessing how much space I’ll need for each section and then getting it wrong. I want all the same subject notes together!
Just an FYI: there is now another book in the Thesaurus series – the Conflict Thesaurus. It looks amazing too.

Deborah Makarios

I’m not addicted to reading! I checked with the DSM-IV. 😀

This is a lovely list! I am trying to quell the urge to acquire more fountain pens – I have two in working order at present and another sent away to be mended. Three pens should be more than enough for someone who has only two hands (even if they do have eight inks…)

Alexis-Morgan Roark
Alexis-Morgan Roark

I look forward to this list every year. You never disappoint. Time to send to my hubby.

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