August 13, 2015

Release News! How Has the Writing Community Helped You?

Hands grasping to help with text: How Have You Been Helped?

Yesterday, I announced another book release, and the wave of congratulations and support gave me warm fuzzies all day. *smile* I feel so blessed to be part of the writing community.

Pure Sacrifice, my newest release, was my first NaNoWriMo novel. The encouragement I saw going in all directions during NaNo was beautiful to witness.

Although I participated as a NaNo “rebel” in 2012 (as I’d already completed the first 25% of the story), I ended that NaNo month with 61571 new words and almost finished the first draft of Pure Sacrifice. But I know I wouldn’t have collected nearly that many words without the structure, pompon waving, and yes, pressure of NaNo.

I loved the experience (and the word count) of NaNo so much that I’ve signed up every year since since then and plan to participate again this year. *checks calendar and to-do list* Somehow.

The writing community has been there for me at every turn, and I’m grateful. I hope all of you have received that support as well.

I’ll get back to writing-related posts next week, but for right now, I’m going to bask in the warm fuzzies of my newest release for just a bit longer. *smile*

Pure Sacrifice Release in Print and eBook!

Pure Sacrifice is the second full-length novel of my Mythos Legacy series. Like the short story and first novel of the series, this is a standalone story, and the whole series can be read in any order.

I’ve already alluded to the editing required by this story, as well as the difficulties I had with finding a cover model, but it all worked out in the end. See?

Pure Sacrifice print cover

To save his race,
he must keep the chosen virgin pure.
But she has other plans…

A shapeshifting unicorn desperate to save his race…

The last guardian of his kind, Markos Ambrostead must keep the chosen Virgin hidden and untainted. But when an attacker breaches his protective magic, he’s forced to reveal himself to defend her life.

A tenacious woman who refuses to be ignored…

Celia Hawkins wishes the world would get a clue and stop treating her like she’s invisible. Only one man notices her, or is that her imagination? After narrowly escaping an attempted rape, she demands answers from her mysterious rescuer—starting with why he’s been following her.

Rules were made to be broken…

Markos can’t risk being tempted by the Virgin, yet emboldened by his attention, Celia’s determined to become his friend. Maybe more. Maybe much more. Now he must hold onto his crumbling willpower to maintain her purity—or his tribe will become extinct.

Available at:

Amazon | Kindle | Google Play | Apple iTunes | Barnes & Noble |
Kobo | ARe

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Ironclad Devotion Available for Pre-Order!

Ironclad Devotion is the third full-length novel in the series and was my 2013 NaNo novel. (For that year, I’d already completed most of the story, so I didn’t “win” NaNo because most of the words were already done.)

This was my “easy” story. The words, the characters, and the plot all flowed, so I finished more of it before NaNo than I’d planned. (It’s hard to complain about a bigger word count.)

I couldn’t help it. This was just such a fun story to write. Imagine a motorcycle-riding goth faeirie princess who can control fire and a Navajo cowboy blacksmith who controls iron. Yep, that’s just fun. *grin*

Ironclad Devotion cover

Safeguarding her freedom,
a faerie princess locks down her heart,
but a blacksmith forges the key…

A faerie princess evading her fate…

Earth is no place for a faerie, but Kira can’t go home without dooming her people. Desperate to avoid the pull of her homeland, she fosters an abandoned girl, the child’s joy a source of much-needed energy.

A blacksmith with something to prove…

When Zachary Chase discovers he has a daughter, he’s determined to be part of his child’s life and not repeat his mother’s neglect. But to open the little girl’s heart, he must earn her foster mother’s trust.

One night is never enough…

Despite their rivalry, Kira and Zac’s desires tempt them into one no-consequences night. Yet the more passion flares between them, the more Kira risks destroying the life she’s carved out on Earth—and endangering those she cares about in both worlds.

Available at:

Amazon | Apple iBooksBarnes & Noble | Kobo

(GooglePlay and a print version coming later.)

Click here for the latest links, or add it on Goodreads!

Ironclad Devotion is currently priced at $2.99 for the pre-order sale. When it releases on October 28th, its price will go up to $3.99, so order your copy soon!

The Awesomeness of the Writing Community

I’ve had lots of people want to help me with my releases as a thanks for my blog and worksheets for writers. *hugs you all*

Even though this reference dates me, I really do feel like the Wayne’s World chant of “I’m not worthy” applies because I already appreciate the support I’ve received so much. But since people have asked…

  • If you’ve read any of my stories, I would so appreciate an honest review on Amazon, Goodreads, or your favorite retailer. (Yes, even if your review wouldn’t be all rainbows-and-chocolate-flavored 5 stars. *grin* Seriously. In fact, I think I need to do a post about just how much I don’t take reviews—good or bad—personally.)
  • Or you could spread the word through Pinterest. Each released book in my series has teaser quote images that can be one-click pinned to Pinterest. For the book you want, scroll down on the page to find the quote images or simply pin the cover at the top of the page:
  • Or click on those quote images anywhere other than the Pin It button to open the picture in another tab, where you can save the image or grab the URL to use for attaching the image to any social media post, like Facebook or Twitter.
  • Or scroll all the way to the bottom of any of those pages to use the social sharing bar to share the page itself, so others can check out the blurb, excerpt, and all the buy links. (I don’t have quote images for Ironclad Devotion yet, but its page can be shared like the other books.)

Others might have additional ideas, but honestly, I’m grateful for anything and everything. *smile*

Has the writing community been good to you? What are you thankful for? Do you have any questions about my books or ideas for how to help? Do you have other ideas for how we can help each other? Do you need help with anything?

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Angela Quarles

Congratulations Jami *waves pompoms*

Buffy Armstrong
Buffy Armstrong

Congrats, Jami! Can’t wait to get the paperback version for my keeper shelf. Amazon says I’ll have it tomorrow!!!

Evolet Yvaine

Congrats on the release. During Camp NaNoWriMo, I would post weekly updates in an FB forum I’m in hosted by Jennifer Blanchard Williams. As well as from my cabin mates. So that was nice. However, I don’t plan to ever participate again. It’s way too structured for me. The writing didn’t flow as well when I knew I had to write a certain amount everyday. I’m a pantser by nature and sometimes the words don’t flow everyday. I started to feel the pressure and it stifled my creativity a bit.

Serena Yung
Serena Yung

On the reviews, I’ve been reading blog posts on ALLi about the validity of five star reviews. Different people do have different definitions on the star ratings, but I do sort of agree with some of the commenters that a reviewer who gives out five stars to almost everything, may lose credibility because they are so generous. I know that on Amazon, the stars are defined as: 1 = I hate it 2 = I don’t like it 3 = It’s okay 4 = I like it 5 = I love it But I personally use a much stricter system. Mine is generally more like: 1 = I really hated it/ I absolutely hated it. Why did I even pick this up? 2 = I just hated it 3 = It was good or very good! 4 = It was really awesome!! 5 = It was ABSOLUTELY MIND-BLOWING/ PHENOMENAL/ SUPER AMAZING!! Also, I guess I’m a bit unfair in that I only evaluate technical skill as far as 3 stars, and to get to 4 and certainly 5, it would have to trigger some substantial emotional resonance in me. Or it would have to impact me emotionally in a big way. So a book only getting 3 stars from me may be very well-written, and the storytelling quite good too, however if it doesn’t strike that special emotional chord in me, then it’s not going up to a 4, let alone 5! That does not mean that the book is…  — Read More »


Serena – I love you definition of the stars for books… I think I use a little bit different system on Amazon than I use on goodreads. Like on Amazon, I am also weighing in the value of the read for my money (was it worth 99 cents?) while on goodreads it’s more pure literary value I’m talking about. I think that too much of my ratings are affected by how I happened to be feeling that day, too. it’s hard to be objective…

I would give about the same number of zero star reviews and 5 star reviews, if they would let me.

Jami – congratulations on your new release!! 🙂


Congrats on the releases, Jami! 😀 May they do well. 🙂

Karen McFarland

Congratulations Jami on your new release! Yay! That is so awesome. And I do think we belong to a wonderful community of supportive writers. I can’t thank you enough for all your craft posts. They’ve helped me immensely. Off to Twitterverse with a tweet about your release! 🙂


[…] as an example of how else we can use these lists, I made sure that one of the teaser quotes I created for posting on social media alluded to the […]

Serena Yung
Serena Yung

BTW I recently bought two poetry books from one of the Writer FB group members, and rated the first book I bought four stars because I really enjoyed the poems. But for the second book of poetry I bought, I would rate it only three stars because though I still enjoyed reading it, I didn’t like them as much as I did the first book’s, and also there were many more typos and errors in this second book. However, I know that even if I put a disclaimer on what my three star rating means, the three stars would still make the book look unfavorable to potential readers, as she had few reviews on and zero reviews on SO for the sake of helping her book gain more readers who might enjoy it more than I did, and for the sake of our friendship, lol, I decided not to post that three star review! Hopefully I can refuse to rate on Goodreads yet still add it to my Already Read list, lol. I know some others might not agree that this was the best decision, especially those who believe in giving even two or one star reviews, but well, that was what I decided to do anyway! What do you think? Also, what do you think of review swaps? At first I thought it would be a good idea to get more reviews, and you could help someone else out at the same time. But I’ve been reading…  — Read More »

Julie Glover

I saved this post to read once I finished my own crazy-deadline edits! I’m so glad I did. Congratulations on your release, and I’m looking forward to reading Ironclad Devotion. All the best!

You’re so generous, talented, and classy, you make it easy to root for you.

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