May 11, 2017

Release News! How Do You Celebrate?

Wine corks spilling out of wine glass with text: Do You Take Time to Celebrate?

Yesterday marked the release of my fifth book, Stone-Cold Heart. Guess how I celebrated?

Um… I didn’t.

Some might guess that my lack of joy was due to the fact that a book release is old hat to me by now. (It’s not. I still find it cool. *smile*) Or that I’m waiting until the print version is available. (I’m not, but CreateSpace has been difficult in processing the cover art this time around for some reason, so the print version will come in a week or so.)

Instead, my distraction was partly due to how I spent some of Tuesday at my surgeon’s office, where we ran a bunch of tests and x-rays on a patch of unexpected swelling on my gums, trying to determine if the bone-disintegrating infection is back after my most recent surgery. (No verdict yet, but the swelling was better yesterday, so… *fingers crossed*)

Between that unscheduled chaos and the normal busyness of getting ready for a release, I—no joke—did a double take when a pre-ordered copy of my book downloaded to my Kindle late Tuesday night. I seriously wondered why it was there, as though all of my prep work was just for the sake of deadlines and not because of…you know, an actual book. *face palm*

Yesterday wasn’t much better, and being severely sleep deprived didn’t help my discombobulated brain. (Ever wake up an hour early and think you’re running late? That was yesterday. *sigh*)

In other words, yesterday’s release day continued the mess of the past year, but somehow I managed to still get things done. So…yay?

Seriously though, we should take the time to celebrate our victories, no matter what they are or where we find them. There will always be other things on our to-do list or other issues that need our attention. So we should at least savor a chocolate chip or something. *grin*

While I try to come up with some way to belatedly celebrate, let me share the details of my latest release…

Stone-Cold Heart Is Now Available!

Like all the books of my Mythos Legacy series, this is a standalone story, and the whole series can be read in any order. (That said, some worldbuilding connections will have greater meaning if the stories are read in order.)

Stone-Cold Heart features an indestructible shapeshifting gargoyle and the only woman strong enough to stand up to him. Hmm, or maybe that should be worded the other way around…

It’s about a fierce combat veteran heroine and the only guy strong enough to allow her to hope for happiness. Either way, these two are perfect for each other. *grin*

Stone-Cold Heart cover

Abandoned to his fate,
a shapeshifting gargoyle is trapped
until she sets him free…

A gargoyle betrayed by his soldiers…

After centuries of stone-cold death, Garrett discovers his legion has deserted him. Without their help, he’ll succumb to eternal sleep once more unless he can trick the woman who woke him into trusting him with her soul.

A combat veteran scarred inside and out…

Her last night in Afghanistan, Raquel Guerrero’s team fell victim to a suicide bomber, killing everyone but her. Now, despite her determination to never again let anyone close, her sense of duty compels her to help an endangered warrior survive.

Trust isn’t in their vocabularies…

A tentative truce frees them to investigate his regiment’s abandonment—and unleashes passionate temptations. But when the truth is uncovered, Garrett and Raquel’s fragile bond—and the healing power of love—might be the only thing that keeps them alive.

Available at:

Amazon | Apple iBooksBarnes & Noble | Kobo | GooglePlay

(A print version is coming soon, and you can also add it on Goodreads!
Click here for the latest links.)

Stone-Cold Heart is currently priced at $2.99 for another couple of days, and then its price will go up to $3.99, so order your copy today!

Want to grab some fun teaser quote images featuring
Raquel and Garrett who share some great banter. *snicker*
Check out the Stone-Cold Heart page!

Quote from Raquel and Garrett of Stone-Cold Heart: "If your clothes are a part of you, you can't take them off, right?" "Are you asking me to demonstrate?" He didn't hold back his grin.

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Aaand…I promise that’s the end of the promo-focus posts for a long time. Thank you for sharing my journey with me and letting me stop and enjoy this release for a few minutes. I hope you remember to take the time to enjoy your accomplishments and victories as well.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to treat myself to some chocolate. *grin*

P.S. If you’ve read any of my books, have you left a review? *smile*

What accomplishments do you celebrate? How do you celebrate? (Yes, I’m looking to poach ideas.) Or do you struggle to take the time to celebrate? If so, what keeps you from recognizing your victories? What would make it easier?

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Glynis Jolly

Jami, I really do think you have been through enough for a while health-wise. By the time you read this, I am hoping your gums are back to normal. I am promoting Stone-Cold Heart in the top slot of my list of promoted books in my sidebar until May 22nd.

Deborah Makarios

Enjoy that well-earned chocolate! And all the best for continued down-swelling and recovery apace.

Laurie Evans

Congrats on the new book! Release day is so hectic around here, but DH & I try to go out for dinner that night.

Clare O'Beara
Clare O'Beara

Well done and enjoy the feeling!
I like to take time that day to spend with my husband who creates my covers from photos I’ve taken. And a special bottle of sparkling wine that night with dinner.
Next day it’s straight back to the grindstone, but on the good side I can check the Amazon downloads.

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