November 28, 2019

The Best Reason to Blog — 2019 Edition

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Today is Thanksgiving in the U.S. The day we eat too much food, roll our eyes at the antics of our extended family, and think about all the things we’re grateful for. Or in my case, try not to worry about my pathetic NaNoWriMo word count while I grab a second serving of dessert something healthy. *cough*

This Thanksgiving post—where I express what I’m grateful for when it comes to my blog—is now an annual tradition on my blog:

And gee, what a surprise! All of you are still the best reason to blog! *smile*

Continuing a Theme…

Every year during NaNoWriMo, I set up guest posts so I can (theoretically) focus my word count on my NaNo project rather than my typical epic blog posts. This year, my NaNo word count is worse than ever due to a never-ending—and intensifying—list of issues.

First, the battery in my phone starting expanding so much that the screen separated from the rest of the case. Not wanting to risk an explosion, I had to dedicate some of my precious writing time to researching, purchasing, and setting up my new phone.

Then I had not one but two failed attempts to complete the final cosmetic repair in my mouth, now that the experimental implant to regrow the bone in my jaw passed all the tests—all of which caused lots of pain and physical recovery time. So close and yet so far, as I now need to go in for another surgery to make room. *sigh*

Worst of all, last week our house flooded across the whole first floor. All flooring, much of the drywall, half our furniture, and at least part of kitchen (it remains to be seen if we’ll lose the rest) were all ripped out in preparation for 1-3 months of reconstruction. We’ve essentially had to move out of the first floor of our house in the meantime.

Despite all that, my attitude has been positive. Not only do I know that I’m doing my best with these setbacks (and the bonus of getting new flooring and paint helps), but I’ve also been able to mostly hold on to the “our best is enough” attitude I mentioned last year—and that’s thanks to all of you.

We’re on a Common Journey

This past year, as I’ve accepted more of my limitations and ways that perfectionism doesn’t work, I’ve written more posts about the struggles of our writing life. Many of you have commiserated in comments, social media, and email because we all have issues, problems, and setbacks that make our writing life less than easy or ideal.

We all do understand. We all know where we’re each coming from because we’ve been there (or somewhere similar). That commonality binds us closer in the writing community.

We share our wins as well as our losses because we all understand. We’re there for each other with cheers or support as we accompany each other on our journeys. Personally, I’m so grateful for how many of you offer your help when I need it.

Sincerely… Thank. You. *smile*

Sharing Our Journeys

As I mentioned above, I ask for help every year with a call for guest posters, and every year I’m blown away by the fantastic guest posts I get to share with all of you. This year, their guest posts kept me going through an extremely difficult month, and we’ve all been blessed with the opportunity to learn from them.

I want to send out mega-thanks to all of my recent guest posters for sharing their knowledge and expertise:

Even though my NaNo progress is pathetic, their help allowed me to deal with the rest of the chaos in my life. And even better, we all learned something beyond our experience because they chose to share what they know. Win-win!

(And if anyone has ideas for guest posts, I’d be so grateful for the help, as dealing with the flood and all the insurance and contractors and construction is going to be a temporary near-full-time job for the foreseeable future. *sigh*)

So as you finish up NaNo or enjoy this weekend, just know that I’m most grateful to all of you and I hope you know how much I value you—yes, you. Thank you! *hugs internet*

Happy Thanksgiving to my U.S. readers
and Happy Thursday to everyone else. *smile*

Do you struggle with feeling like your best is enough? Or do you struggle with other aspects of your writing journey? Does it help to know that others experience similar struggles? Does encouragement—even from those you don’t know in real life—help you during difficult times? Is there anything special you’re grateful for this year?

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L Deborah Sword

Thank you, Jami, for all you give back.

Clare O'Beara

Hi Jami,

Despite everything I hope you can still have a happy Thanksgiving.

I am working hard at college material just now but I am so thankful I took up the degree and am enjoying all the people and content.

Gorgeous autumn colours in your photo!

Cece Downs

Thank you for the invite and the opportunity. Greatly appreciated.

Deborah Makarios

Wow. if your life was a novel, the beta readers would be pursing their lips and saying “I dunno, it just seems like too much is getting thrown at this character at once. And flooding?”

I am impressed by your positivity and wish you a coming year of things that are easier to be positive about 🙂

Jill Sardella
Jill Sardella

Thank you SO much for all your words of encouragement and excellent writing resources. You are one of my virtual writing mentors and I truly appreciate everything you do for me and the writing community. I honestly don’t know how you do it…working on your own novels AND blogging AND researching AND networking AND everything else you do in your everyday life. I’m sorry to hear about all the mishaps going on with you. I can’t even imagine the stress you must be under. And of course it all had to happen during November. 😉 I’m sending positive energy your way in hopes that everything gets resolved soon and you can get back to work on your WIP. As for NaNoWriMo, some years we don’t hit 50,000 for whatever reason. The good news is that there’s always next year. And camp in April and July (although not as exciting, but still good for catching up on things). Last year I didn’t finish NaNoWriMo and was very disappointed, but eventually I accepted it as “that’s how things go sometimes.” This year I finished and I was FINALLY able to work out the middle of a story I’ve been working on for a few years. It’s an awesome feeling. Now I’m on to pull it all together into a decent second draft and then developmental editing and entering in some RWA contests for feedback. Not sure the exact order all this should occur. Anyhoo, I know I’ll be digging through your blog…  — Read More »

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