December 5, 2017

The Ultimate Gift Guide for Writers — 2017 Edition

Snowman holding a gift with text: The Ultimate Gift Guide for Writers

How’s everyone doing on their shopping so far this year? Are you ahead because Black Friday and Cyber Monday came early? Or have you not started yet because this year’s calendar—with Christmas falling on a Monday—is tricking you into thinking there’s more time than there really is?

Uh… *raises hand to that second one* I haven’t quite gotten serious yet. Get on that, self. *grin*

Need ideas for writing-related gifts? Here's something for everyone... Click To TweetObviously, I’m not a shopaholic, so I usually need help knowing what gifts to buy for people. That means it’s time to start thinking about what we might want for writerly gifts this year. With that in mind, I updated my Ultimate Gift Guide for Writers, and I included lots of links because I’m a lazy bum who prefers online shopping. *smile*

If you’re a writer, this might help you give suggestions to family or friends. Or you can direct your family to this post for ideas. Something on this list is bound to please every writer out there.

Stocking Stuffers

Inspiration Help

For Writers Who Outline or Like Organization

  • New! Planner system, such as the Staples Arc system or the TUL system by Office Depot for easy swapping of pages (suggested by Anne Kaelber, who also pointed out free printable planner pages here)
  • Notebooks (many writers prefer plain spiral or steno pads over fancy, leather-bound books—those are too pretty to use—although I’m lusting over this New! leather embossed notebook *smile*)
  • Note (index) cards
  • Ugly writing journal (so we’re not tempted to “save” it) (suggested by Daniel Swensen)
  • Corkboard
  • Pushpins
  • Whiteboard
  • Dry erase markers and eraser

Technology Helpers

  • New! Noise-canceling headphones to keep our focus (suggested by Lara Gallin)
  • New! Smartphone apps for writers (some on this list are free, but most have a cost)
  • New! Keyboard for tablets or smartphones (or this compact folding one or this virtual one)
  • New! Adjustable laptop table for typing wherever we find ourselves—in bed, lying down, our favorite chair, etc.
  • Wireless/ergonomic keyboard or mouse (New! I just got this one after my keyboard died during NaNoWriMo, and I found this washable keyboard too for cleaning up all those snacks we eat at our desks! *smile*)
  • Programs like Scrivener (Windows and Mac) for organizing and word processing
  • Dragon NaturallySpeaking (options at Amazon) for voice recognition-driven writing (suggested by Kyla Rucci)
  • Latest version of favorite word processing program
  • Software for self-publishing (image editing, ebook formatting, etc.)
  • Flash drive or external hard drive for backups
  • Typing program (learn to type faster!)
  • More memory for computer
  • Bigger hard drive for computer
  • Software for self-publishing (Adobe Photoshop for graphics, Jutoh for formatting, etc.)

Big Ticket Items

  • New computer/laptop
  • Bigger/second computer monitor
  • Printer (or printer ink)
  • eReader or eTablet (Kindle/Kindle Fire, iPad, Android tablet, etc.)
  • Ergonomic desk chair
  • New! Bookshelves for all our books (suggested by Glynis Jolly)
  • Website/blog hosting, upgrades, or design (Note: I use and recommend TechSurgeons for great service, and no, they don’t have an affiliate program, just lots of happy customers. *smile*)
  • Registration fee for writing conference or workshop
  • Membership fee for a writing group (like RWA—which is open worldwide)
  • Cover design, editing, or formatting costs for self-published authors

Writing Craft and Publishing-Related Books & Tools

Writing and Publishing-Related Workshops

Miscellaneous Suggestions

What did I miss? What other writing craft or publishing-related books do you recommend? Do you have suggestions for other items to add to the list? Which things would you most like to receive? Is there anything on the list you wouldn’t want? Will you brave the store crowds this year?

(Note: Some links on my blog are referral or affiliate links.)

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Alexis-Morgan Roark

Yes!! This list gets better and better every year!!

Kassandra Lamb

Ordered one of those light up pens for my DIL. Thanks, Jami!

Anne Kaelber
Anne Kaelber

Jami, I think your list is one of my favorite posts-to-look-forward to, every year! You probably don’t want to hear that I’ve fallen in love with another fountain pen, the Lamy Vista. But, bonus! There’s a left-handed nib for it!!!

I just went through the “trauma” (First World Problems, I know) of discovering that the journal I like by Ecojot doesn’t have as many pages. I’ve purchased a Zequenz Classic 360 with gridded pages and I’m itching to start writing in it.

I’m also incredibly in love with my mpow Jaws bluetooth headset. The Amazon listing boasted 13 hours of use, with over 200 hours of stand-by time. I use mine ALL DAY and only occasionally do they run out out juice before me. I’ve been through 3 or 4 different headsets and now that I’ve found this one, I’m tempted to order a couple more, just in case they are discontinued.

Happy Holidays to you, your guest posters and your readers.


C C Cedras

You hit ALL the points! The massage and heating pad ideas are key. And printer ink. Oh, so many! You’re amazing, Santa Jami!


Wow! That’s a phenomenal list. Thanks for gathering so many. 🙂

Laurie Evans
Laurie Evans

Great list! Gotta love the comfy yoga pants for writing.

dolorah at Book Lover

I start my Christmas shopping early; but usually have to start over again because of Nov and Dec birthdays. Ugh. Lots of these gift ideas are on my list 🙂


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Cool stuff.

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