December 6, 2018

The Ultimate Gift Guide for Writers — 2018 Edition

Snowman holding a gift with text: The Ultimate Gift Guide for Writers

How’s everyone doing on their shopping so far this year? Are you ahead because Black Friday and Cyber Monday came early? Or have you not started yet because this year’s calendar—with Christmas falling on a Tuesday—is tricking you into thinking there’s more time than there really is?

Uh… *raises hand to that second one* I haven’t quite gotten serious yet. Get on that, self. *grin*

Need ideas for writing-related gifts? Here's something for everyone... Click To TweetObviously, I’m not a shopaholic, so I usually need help knowing what gifts to buy for people. That means it’s time to start thinking about what we might want for writerly gifts this year. With that in mind, I updated my Ultimate Gift Guide for Writers, and I included lots of links because I’m a lazy bum who prefers online shopping. *smile*

If you’re a writer, this might help you give suggestions to family or friends. Or you can direct your family to this post for ideas. Something on this list is bound to please every writer out there.

Stocking Stuffers

Inspiration Help

For Writers Who Outline or Like Organization

Technology Helpers

Big Ticket/Ergonomic Items

Writing Craft and Publishing-Related Books & Tools

Writing and Publishing-Related Workshops

Reader/Writer Themed Gifts

Miscellaneous Suggestions

  • New! Travel arrangements for writing conference/retreat or DIY book tour
  • New! Sessions with a writing coach or marketing expert
  • New! Consultation with Sensitivity or Expertise Reader for their story
  • New! Subscription to a meal delivery service, such as Freshly, The Good Kitchen, or Fresh n’ Lean, to free up more writing time
  • New! Subscription to Scribbler Box for Writers with motivation, craft, and industry help
  • New! Subscription to literary magazine (or Journal of the Month, which sends a different magazine every month for a sampling of options)
  • New! Subscription to Kindle Unlimited or Audible
  • New! Subscription to monthly snack delivery
  • Subscription to music source (Pandora, Spotify, New! Amazon Music Unlimited, etc.)
  • Dixit gameOnce Upon a Time game, or New! Elegy game (a game about writing fiction) to share our love of storytelling with others
  • Way to exercise at our desk, like this under-desk elliptical trainer
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Subscription to monthly writer-themed box of notebooks and pens
  • Premium level of online service (Dropbox for automatic backups, Amazon Prime for free shipping/lending library, etc.)
  • Gift basket full of writing-related ideas (pens, notebooks, special beverage and glass, inspirational items or quotes, etc.) (suggested by Theresa Miller)
  • Totem for a muse (figurine, stuffed animal, etc.) (suggested by Lisa Hall-Wilson)
  • High-quality printer paper for queries/submissions (suggested by Christy Farmer)
  • Printer ink (suggested by Shain Brown)
  • Entry fee for a writing contest
  • Massage gift certificates (suggested by Julie Glover)
  • Back or foot massager (suggested by Gene Lempp)
  • Shoulder/neck heating pad for desk-bound aches and pains
  • Comfy yoga pants (some even have pockets! like these, these, these, or these) to make it less of a hassle to answer the door or leave the house *snicker*
  • Comfort clothes (robe and fuzzy slippers) (suggested by Brooklyn Ann)
  • Healthy snacks
  • Canisters of favorite coffee or hot chocolate (suggested by Angela Quarles)
  • Tea or other writing beverage (suggested by Daniel Swensen)
  • Gift cards for books (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc.)
  • Gift cards for office supply stores
  • Writing time (anything from babysitting to a writers’ retreat)
  • Housecleaning services (especially during deadlines) (suggested by April Bradley)
  • And I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention my own books for those who want entertainment. *grin* (I don’t have a shop set up for it yet, but if anyone wants autographed print copies, let me know.)

What did I miss? What other writing craft or publishing-related books do you recommend? Do you have suggestions for other items to add to the list? Which things would you most like to receive? Is there anything on the list you wouldn’t want? Will you brave the store crowds this year?

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Sparks of Ember

I saw some games at Booksamillion the other day that were book themed.

Bring Your Own Book:
By The Book (a stacking puzzle):
For readers who like to color, this adult coloring book includes a story:

Jennifer Jensen

Love the list, Jami–now that I’ve spent way too long checking out mugs and pillows on Amazon!


Love these! All my people may or may not be getting the swear word coloring book ;).

And if Santa wanted to put a treadmill desk under the tree, I’d sure be grateful.

Roland R Clarke

My go to writing guide is Lisa Hall-Wilson’s Method Acting for Writers – great if you want to develop your Deep POV technique as I am developing. My review with Goodreads link:

Karen A. Wyle

For writers who want to use courtroom settings, lawyer characters, or anything else law-related (particularly American law), there’s Closest to the Fire: A Writer’s Guide to Law and Lawyers.

Leticia Toraci
Leticia Toraci

I can’t access this link:


Woah the arthritis compression gloves sound interesting. I never knew such a product existed! 🙂 Also, wow treadmill/ elliptical at your desk!!!

I am a shopaholic when it comes to ebooks, especially ever since I subscribed to BookBub, lol. Can’t resist these 99 cent books. ? Last month, I bragged to friends about spending $26 on 16 books. XD

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