July 19, 2012

It’s (Writing) Olympics Time!

2012 London Olympic logo

The Olympics are starting in a week—while I’m in Anaheim, California for the Romance Writers of America (RWA) Annual Conference. I’m really looking forward to the confernce, but man… Did it have to fall during the Olympics? *sigh*

I’m an Olympics nut. I love the pageantry of the opening and closing ceremonies. I love cheering for the athletes. I even love watching all the odd sports. Dressage! Table Tennis! Water Polo!

I love it all. It doesn’t matter that I’d never watch whatever-sport-it-is any other time. If it’s part of the Olympics, I’ll watch it.

To make up for the fact that I’ll miss the first couple of days of coverage, I’m starting my Olympic mood early. Announcing…

The Writing Olympics!

The Writing Olympics? Sure. We already talk about “writing sprints,” right? So why not rename normal writing activities into Olympic-sounding events? We can all feel like champions and ignore the reality of our non-athletic writer’s butt if we use a different perspective. Woo hoo!

(Plus, I’m busy getting ready for the conference and was in the mood for a silly—and short—post, but *shh* about that part, okay?)

The Writing Olympics has events like:

  • 100 meter Dash to an Agent-Occupied Elevator
  • 10 meter Platform Dive into Social Media
  • Synchronized Pitch Appointments
  • Individual Writing Time Trials
  • Critique Team Pursuit of Publication
  • Long Jump into a New Draft
  • Vault into Revisions
  • High Jump up the Amazon Sales Charts
  • 200 meter Freestyle in the Pantser vs. Plotter Debate
  • Individual All-Around Success in both Writing and Business
  • 400 meter Hurdles over Rejections
  • Author/Agent/Publisher/Retailer 4×400 meter Publishing Relay Race
  • Creating a Backlist Marathon

What do you think? Could we make this work? *smile* Okay, maybe not, but admit it: It’s fun to think about wearing a gold medal around your neck.

Do you have events to add to the list? What Writing Olympics event would you be best at? Which ones do you still need coaching on? Who would you nominate as the World Record holder for one of those events?

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Comments — What do you think?

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Jami's Tech Guy

Ooh fun!

I’m always captivated by the “Synchronized Book Signing” event and hope “Climbing the Learning Curve” gets promoted from demonstration status.

Good luck with your presentation and have a great time at RWA!


Melinda Collins

What a fun post, Jami! I’m so excited for the Olympics – and even more excited now that Muse has released a new single, ‘Survival,’ and it was named the official song of the Olympic Games this year. 🙂

Wish I were clever enough to come up with something, but I guess I’ll give it a try:
Doubles Volley-Editing <- Love it when we ping WIP's back and forth, back and forth, in hopes of winning in the end. 😉
The Writing Balance Beam <- If you can do a double back flip while balancing writing, editing, family, dayjob and the like, then you deserve so much more than a medal. 🙂
Floor Plotting <- Similar to the floor exercise, but it's where writers display their entire plot on the floor and creatively dance and flip from one scene to the next.

LOL! That was actually kinda fun!

Enjoy #RWA12 and good luck with your presentation! Again, I know you're gonna rock it! 😀

Todd Moody

I’ve never been to a writer’s Con, so I’m afraid I have nothing to offer, except my best wishes for a great panel!

Reetta Raitanen

Fun post, Jami. Have fun in the RWA conference.

Here are my additions:
Ping Pong That Blog Post
RoWing in 80 Days
Cross Country Promo Touring

Tamara LeBlanc
Tamara LeBlanc

I’m so late commenting, but I still had to stop by.
Don’tknow if you’ll get this message, but I hope you have the best conference ever.
Best wishes on any pitches you do. Best of luck on giving your work shop!!! I know it will be fantstic and I’m so sorry I have to miss it.

Have a great week!!

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