July 12, 2022

12th Annual Blogiversary Contest — Prize: Me! Wait…er, What?

Gift box with text "Want to win 'me'? Wait... What?"

*** UPDATE: This contest is now closed, and winners will be notified soon.

It’s that time of year again. Today, July 12th, is my twelve-year blogiversary. Yes, twelve years.

For the first ten years, I blogged consistently every Tuesday and Thursday, building up over 1000 posts of advice and information about the writing world. Two years ago, for my tenth blogiversary, I finally gave myself the gift of an irregular schedule.

Initially, my plan was to post about 2-4 times a month. However, things didn’t quite work out that way. *sigh*

As I mentioned two years ago, I was suffering from a fairly deep burnout, and the pandemic didn’t help that. I’d also fallen down the stairs—again—and re-inflamed the nerves in my feet (so I couldn’t walk—again). However at my last blogiversary, I thought I was on my way to posting semi-regularly on my blog once more, as physical therapy and rest were helping my health issues and burnout.

Since then, I have been productive on my Secret Projects and hope to have news for you on that front soon. *grin* But my productivity (and obviously slow progress) beyond that focus has been difficult because…well…

This is kinda awkward to admit…

I was in a major 3-car accident several months ago.

And yeah, I didn’t mention it online because between my car’s damage, insurance issues, and my ongoing physical recovery, I’ve just been beyond unable to deal with anything other than very limited interactions. A few of you heard the news in our email conversations, but other than that, I’ve been incommunicado. I know it would have been better to reach out for support, but what do you do when you don’t even have the “spoons” to accept support? *sigh*

I’m okay-ish — I could have been hurt much worse anyway. I was hit while stopped at a stop sign (a truck T-boned another pickup truck into me), and it was one of those situations where if I’d pulled forward closer to the curb, I might be dead, which is weird to think about. Instead, I “only” have whiplash, TMJ, a torn rotator cuff, and as my doc and I finally diagnosed just last week, damage to my occipital nerve, which is causing near-constant headaches and vision issues. (So I literally have nerve damage from my head to my toes, oh yay?)

Yeah, I really didn’t need another health issue. At least I’m stubborn enough to keep plugging along.

But… But!

Even though I haven’t been online or posting much, I still wanted to acknowledge my blogiversary and keep up my tradition of doing something to thank all of you. As I’ve said so many times before, you’re the reason I have this site. Your support and understanding through the years have been more helpful than you can know, and I’m forever grateful to everyone I’ve “met” through my blog.

To thank you, I’m celebrating by holding my usual Blogiversary Contest. But like last year, I’m running it on a shorter timeline to focus on you—those of you who stayed with me—rather than others who happen to learn about the contest over the weeks it usually runs. (Plus, you all are more likely to be understanding when I’m slow in getting back to the winners with their prize. *smile*)

As a reminder of the format of my blogiversary celebration, for this contest celebrating this blog and all the readers that make it awesome, the prize is…me.

Well, not “me” literally, but my time and/or money. You get to pick what that means. (Disclaimer: Subject to reasonability, privacy concerns, and legality. I haven’t landed in jail yet, and I don’t intend to start now. *smile*)

I want this contest to be for all my readers, whether you’re a writer or not, whether you’re published or not, whether you’re a newbie or not. If you win, you decide how I can be most helpful to you.

Some ideas:

  • Signed copies of any two of Treasured Claim, Pure Sacrifice, Ironclad Devotion, or Stone-Cold Heart from my Mythos Legacy series
  • $25 Amazon gift certificate
  • Free registration to any of my online workshops, including my Lost Your Pants? An Impatient Writer’s Guide to Plotting a Story workshop or my newest workshop, the romance-focused Between the Sheets: Create a Deeper Romance with the Romance Beat Sheet
  • Detailed critique of your opening pages up to 1200 words
  • Critique of your synopsis and/or query letter
  • Beta read up to 5K words (includes feedback on overall premise, characterization, and pacing, but not in-depth editing or grammar)
  • Analysis of your story’s structure and story/character arcs
  • Mentoring/walk-through help on one project (blog/website, developing a premise, business plan, social media platform, etc.)
  • Email brainstorming (story ideas: digging out from plot hole, branding ideas: coming up with tagline, etc.)
  • I’ll write a guest post for your blog
  • You’ll get to write a guest post for this blog (subject to my guest post policies)
  • Three books from my general blog contest collection (books I’ve picked up from conferences)
  • Pick my brain about anything (grammar questions, copies of the writing advice documents I’ve collected, a list of the writing advice bookmarks I’ve saved, etc.)
  • Or anything else you can think of…within reason. *smile*

To enter, leave a comment. It’s just that easy. (Yep, that means those of you reading this via RSS or newsletter should visit my site so you can wave hello in a comment.) And yes, even if you’ve won in previous years, you’re welcome to enter again!

Maybe tell me what you’d like to win, or make up a funny choice to amuse us all. Introduce yourself if you’ve never commented before. Or tell me how stupid you think this contest idea is. Whatever. It will all count.

This contest will close at midnight Eastern time on Sunday, July 17th, 2022. The winner(s) will be chosen randomly and notified by email. Good luck!

Do you want to win something? If so, tell me about it!