Policies and Blah-blah-blah

Privacy Policy

Privacy policies are their own kind of beast, so find my privacy policy here.

Guest Posts

I do run guest posts on my blog. However, I do not accept guest post requests (with very few exceptions). Most “I’d like to guest post on your blog” requests are from spammers who don’t know me, don’t know my blog, and don’t know my readers. These requests are ignored and deleted.

If I know someone and if they offer a post with content I think would benefit my readers (no promo-only posts), I’m happy to consider a request. I’m very picky about who I let guest blog for the reasons I outlined in this post. I maintain the right to edit or refuse all submitted guest posts.

I expect all guest posts to consist of new content that has not already been shared elsewhere (unless cleared in advance). Also, I expect guest posters to wait a minimum of three months before reposting their portion of the guest blog content on their blog (or elsewhere) and to include a link back to my blog with the notification of where the material had previously appeared.


With very few exceptions, I don’t endorse publishing products (software, etc.) or services (publishers, editors, etc.) because we all need to do our own due diligence to find the publishing partners right for our goals.

Reblogging, Quotes, Linking

You may quote or reblog up to three paragraphs from one of my blog posts—only if you give credit and a link back to my full post. Anything more than three paragraphs requires written permission.

Under no circumstances do I permit anyone to reblog (copy or repost) a full post (even with credit and a link). I will consider requests for offline use if a link and full credit is included, but my written permission is required prior to such use. Otherwise, I consider any use of a whole post as plagiarism and copyright infringement, and I do actively search out and use tools to find violations.

If you still have questions or wish to make a request, please use my Contact Form. Thank you!