June 1, 2017

Self Publishing? Where Should We Start?

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Wow… Today marks my last monthly guest post over at Janice Hardy’s Fiction University for my series about Indie Publishing Paths.

My posts have highlighted some of the choices we have to make as self-published authors and also given us a few guidelines. After almost two years of guest posts in this series, it’s obvious that we’ve covered a lot of information about the choices that self-publishers have to make (far more than we usually realize).

In other words, it’d be normal to feel overwhelmed when faced with so much uncertainty. So let’s talk about: Where should we start?

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For this last post, I’m summing up all the previous posts in the series to compile a “table of contents” with links to each post. In the process, I’m covering the different aspects of self-publishing we should consider, in order.

For example, Step One focuses on how we first need to know our goals. If we don’t understand our priorities, we’ll have a harder time making any of the the other decisions.

We need to know what’s important to us so we can make the best decisions for us and not just blindly follow what someone else has done. Depending on how we measure success, our priorities will vary, and we might make different choices for distribution, release schedules, and pricing, as well as how to retain and communicate with our readers.

So if you’re thinking of self-publishing but don’t know where to start, or if you’ve been vaguely following my series but feeling more and more overwhelmed, maybe this month’s post with a step-by-step summary of each indie-path decision point will help. *smile*

I hope you’ll join me at Fiction University for this month’s post!

Have you considered self-publishing but you weren’t sure where to start? Have you felt overwhelmed by your self-publishing options? Do you have any questions about self-publishing you haven’t gotten a chance to ask yet?

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Deborah Makarios

What’s your take on publishing/distribution methods? I’m thinking of publishing both ebook and POD hardcopy with IngramSpark, and using them for the distribution also, rather than trying to create my own relationships with each individual ‘storefront’. Any advice/tips/warnings?

Clare O'Beara
Clare O'Beara

Thanks. Independent publishing is the only option for many but also the best.

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