June 28, 2016

6th Annual Blogiversary Contest — Prize: Me! Wait…er, What?

Gift box with text "Want to win 'me'? Wait... What?"

It’s that time of year again. My six-year blogiversary is coming up on July 12th. Holy cow. Six years? Really?

I think it’s now official that I’ve been blogging for forever. Or maybe after this past year’s publication schedule and health issues, it just feels that way. *smile*

Once again, I’m amazed I found that much to blog about, not just in the number of posts (over 600!) but the length of my posts. (I can’t begin to count the number of times I’ve come up with a blog topic and said, “Oh, this one will be short,” and ended up with 2000 words. *sigh*)

But I haven’t been the only one writing. During the past year, my readers have left several thousand comments on my blog. That’s an amazing amount of conversation and shared stories and tips, and it’s all thanks to you (over half-a-million visitors this past year!). You’re the reason I blog.

(Even when I’ve had too many health issues this past year to reply to every comment, I still read and appreciate them all. Promise!)

To thank you, I’m celebrating by holding a contest. For those who weren’t around last year, let me back up…

A blogiversary contest—that’s pretty normal, right? But there’s a reason I call myself insane. There’s a reason I write paranormal. There’s a reason my motto is “Why be normal?”

I don’t want to do normal.

So for this contest celebrating this blog and all the readers that make it awesome, the prize is…me.

Well, not “me” literally, but my time and/or money. You get to pick what that means. (Disclaimer: Subject to reasonability, privacy concerns, and legality. I haven’t landed in jail yet, and I don’t intend to start now. *smile*)

I want this contest to be for all my readers, whether you’re a writer or not, whether you’re published or not, whether you’re a newbie or not. If you win, you decide how I can be most helpful to you.

Some ideas:

  • Signed copies of any two of Treasured Claim, Pure Sacrifice, Ironclad Devotion, or the upcoming next release in my Mythos Legacy series, Stone-Cold Heart
  • $25 Amazon gift certificate
  • Free registration to any of my online workshops, including my Lost Your Pants? An Impatient Writer’s Guide to Plotting a Story workshop or my upcoming new workshop on my Romance Beat Sheet (both will be offered this fall)
  • Detailed critique of your opening pages up to 2K words
  • Critique of your synopsis and/or query letter
  • Beta read up to 10K words (includes feedback on overall premise, characterization, and pacing, but not in-depth editing or grammar)
  • Analysis of your story’s structure and story/character arcs
  • Mentoring/walk-through help on one project (blog/website, developing a premise, business plan, social media platform, etc.)
  • Email brainstorming (story ideas: digging out from plot hole, branding ideas: coming up with tagline, etc.)
  • Copies of all of my MS Word polishing macros
  • I’ll write a guest post for your blog
  • You’ll get to write a guest post for this blog (subject to my guest post policies)
  • Three books from my general blog contest collection (books I’ve picked up from conferences)
  • Pick my brain about anything (grammar questions, copies of the writing advice documents I’ve collected, a list of the writing advice bookmarks I’ve saved, etc.)
  • Or anything else you can think of…within reason. *smile*

To enter, leave a comment. It’s just that easy. (Yep, that means those of you reading this via RSS or newsletter should visit my site so you can wave hello in a comment.) And yes, even if you’ve won in previous years, you’re welcome to enter again!

Maybe tell me what you’d like to win, or make up a funny choice to amuse us all. Introduce yourself if you’ve never commented before. Or tell me how stupid you think this contest idea is. Whatever. It will all count.

Also, I’ll pick an additional winner for every 50 commenters (not including my comments). So if 1-50 different people comment on this post, I’ll pick one winner. If 51-100 different people comment, I’ll pick two winners. And so forth.

This contest will close at midnight Eastern time on Sunday, July 10th, 2016. The winner(s) will be chosen randomly and announced on my official blogiversary post on Tuesday, July 12th. Good luck!

Do you want to win something? If so, tell me about it!

P.S. Don’t worry if you don’t see your comment! We have multiple pages of comments here (that’s a good thing, as it means we’ll have multiple winners!). You can try clicking “Previous Comments” or “Next Comments” at the top of the comment section to see them all, but even if WordPress gets confused and doesn’t display them, rest assured that I see them all from my end. *smile* We are currently up to three winners!

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