July 12, 2012

Blogiversary Winners & a Gift for All

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Yay! I officially made it to the two-year mark on my blog. Two years of comments, questions, and debates. On my post announcing my Blogiversary Contest, we had enough comments to earn three winners!

The worst part of the contest was picking the names. The worst, you say? No, that doesn’t mean I didn’t want anyone to win. *smile*

However, after spit out the winning numbers, I saw how many other people wouldn’t be a winner. I wish I could let you all win. Seriously.

I’ve said it before and I really mean it. You’re the reason I blog, and I appreciate you so much that I wish I could do something for each one of you.

*ding* Oh wait… Maybe I can.

Do you remember a few weeks back when I posted about how to make the most of a scene? I talked about how we should include at least three elements in each scene to ensure we’re not too heavy with info dump or backstory. I also linked to a blog post of Janice Hardy’s where she broke down scene elements by level of importance.

In the comments of that post, some people had mentioned how a checklist of that information would be helpful. I’d vaguely agreed and said that if I managed to get around to it, I’d share the links.

Well, as part of my way to give a gift to everyone—even those who lost in the Blogiversary Contest—I made the time yesterday to create worksheets going along with that post. I’m an Excel newbie, so this took way longer than I expected, but you’re worth it. *grin*

Does Your Scene Have the Right Elements?
Worksheets to the Rescue!

Click through to view a larger version

Up first, an MS Word version of a worksheet listing the elements of a good scene, broken down by importance:

Click to Download Elements of a Scene Overview – MS Word ’07 version (.docx)

Click to Download Elements of a Scene Overview – MS Word earlier version (.doc)

And then an MS Excel version of a worksheet (this one is in list format and can be used for multiple scenes):

Click through to view larger image

Click to Download Scene Elements Worksheet – MS Excel ’07 version (.xlsx)

Click to Download Scene Elements Worksheet – MS Excel earlier version (.xls)

I hope my gifts to you are helpful and useful. Ask away in the comments if you have any questions about them or how to use them.

Do You Have Suggestions for Other Worksheets?

Let me know if you have suggestions for other gifts for my readers. Is there another post that could use a worksheet to go with it? Do you have other blog topics you’d love to see?

Let me know how I can help you, and I’ll do my best. (Especially if you can remember another one of those vague “oh yeah, I’ll try to get around to it” promises I’ve made in the comments over the years. *smile*)

Blogiversary Contest Winners

And now, the part you’ve all really been waiting for… Here are the winners of my Second Annual Blogiversary Contest:

Raelyn Barclay

Adriana Ryan

Sonia G. Medeiros

Congratulations to you all!  You should receive an email from me within the next day, so start thinking about what prize you want.  Should I be worried?

What do you think of the worksheets? Do you have suggestions on how to improve them? Do these help make up for the fact that you didn’t win? *sad face* Do you have any suggestions or reminders for me about other writing helpers I could put together?

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Chihuahua Zero
Chihuahua Zero

Congrats to the winners. Be sure to not demand too much out of poor Jami. 😉

I’ll print one of those sheets out this afternoon and see if it comes to use.


Hey, thanks for the worksheets. I’ve downloaded them to doctor for myself—in the least, I’ll doubtless convert that Excel one to Numbers format. (Anyone with a Mac who likes having multiple tables on a single worksheet in Excel, check out Numbers. Seriously. So much better.)

Did you send the sheets to Janice? I know she’s expressed interest before in having worksheets folks make from her stuff. I did a few, myself, but gave them over to her for her to distribute as she wanted, so I can’t hand those out myself.

I currently have a word log spreadsheet available for download, but I’ve doctored it since, so I need to update it, convert to OO and Excel (and figure out a NeoOffice version).


Wow, great worksheets!

I love the “at least three total” and the requirement for one from the Essential Elements list.

Problems come in when Bonus Elements are treated as if they’re Essential. Very well done, and very easy to use!

Raelyn Barclay

Fabulous worksheets. Love how you pulled Janice’s stuff in with yours. Thanks for creating and sharing them!

And wow, Jami, thank you for sharing so much of yourself!

Buffy Armstrong

Love the worksheets, Jami! Thanks for sharing them.

Anne R. Allen

Congrats on your two-year blogiversary. You have one of the most informative writing blogs around. Those are awesome gifts. Structure is the toughest thing for a new writer to learn and those will certainly help in the learning process!

Stina Lindenblatt

Thanks, Jami! These are awesome. 😀

Kerry Meacham

Congrats on two years, Jami. You do a great job, and it is certainly appreciated. I look forward to more years to follow.


Aldrea Alien

Congratulations to the winners and thanks, Jami, for the sheets.

Jeremy Duley

Yayyyyyy I’m still a winner!! Great job Jami!

Gene Lempp

Ooo, worksheets – I love worksheets, especially this one, a combo of two of my favorite’s, you and Janice. See I think about making worksheets, especially after reading Janice’s posts, but then I think, you know, if you wait a couple weeks, Jami will have an awesome one…

Thanks for sharing with us – and congrats again on two stellar years!

Adriana Ryan

I won, I won, I won!!!! *runs around screaming and throwing confetti* I NEVER win anything!!! 😀 I’m thrilled to bits! Oh, and er, graciously sorry about all those who didn’t win, of course. I’m so sorry it’s taken me so long to make my way over here–it’s been Fast Draft madness all around, and I’ve been scrambling to try and keep up with all my beloved blog gurus. 🙂 Yippeeeee! Happy Blogiversary to you! And thank you!!


Thanks so much for sharing the worksheets! Got them downloaded and look forward to putting them to good use! 🙂

Sonia G Medeiros

So excited! Thanks! Only thing is, I don’t know what to choose. LOL

Tamara LeBlanc
Tamara LeBlanc

Congrats to you Jami! May your blog teach, and inspire for years and years to come.
I’ll be a fan for ever 🙂

Have a great Friday evening,


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Angela Quarles

Happy Anniversary! And thanks for the worksheets, I love worksheets, and create some myself. Hmm, maybe I should post them too…

Reetta Raitanen

Congrats to the winners and thank you for these awesome worksheets. Can’t wait to put these to use.

Jamie Raintree

These are great! Thank you so much! Bummed I didn’t win, of course. 😉

Jamie Ayres

Happy blogiversary:-) Will be 2 yrs for me in August–guess I better think of something to giveaway! Thanks for the worksheets–they are A*W*E*S*O*M*E!!!


Thank you for the worksheets! And congrats on TWO years!

Rhonda Hopkins

Thank you, Jami! These handouts look very helpful. I’ll be putting them to use. 🙂


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