July 11, 2017

Blogiversary Winners & Story Time

Weird reflection of woman and clouds with text: Story Time...

Yay! Tomorrow marks the official seven-year mark for my blog. *whew* I made it…even though the past year made that milestone a bit questionable.

On my post announcing my annual Blogiversary Contest, we had enough comments to earn three winners. Woo hoo! But I always struggle with the part where selects the winners because I wish I could give everyone a prize.

I’ve said it before, and I really mean it. You’re the reason I blog, and I appreciate you so much that I wish I could do something for each one of you.

So today, I’m going to entertain you with a true story before we get to the Blogiversary Winners. *smile*

Story Time!

On my Blogiversary Contest post, I said I didn’t do normal. Here are a couple of examples of why normal doesn’t work for me…

Some of you might have seen my post on Facebook yesterday, but I’m going to share extra details here, so read on! (That post is set to “Friends,” but if you’re not friends with me on Facebook yet, let’s fix that! *grin*)

If you didn’t see my post, here you go (including all my expressive-and-true-to-life emojis):

“That time when Jami would be freaked out forever… 

Story Time: So as part of having my jaw rebuilt after my bone-disintegrating infection, I’m wearing Invisilign-style braces that I take out to eat. Last night after dinner, I go to the sink to brush my teeth and put my braces back in–and a SCORPION is sitting on them.

Did you hear me? A SCORPION is sitting ON my BRACES.

You know, those things that I grab and put INTO my MOUTH. 

No, I didn’t get any pictures because I was too busy SCREAMING and jumping up and down. LOL! But believe me, my whole family knows very well that I’m not making this up, as they helped dispose of the orange menace. Then I pretty much “washed” my braces in half a tube of toothpaste. 

Excuse me while I have heebie-jeebies for the rest of my life…  “

And note that scorpions are different in various areas of the country. Here in Arizona, our scorpions are Bark Scorpions, which are the most venomous in North America.

A bite can cause immobilization, convulsions, loss of breath, and electric shocks along the nerves. Oh, and the pain lasts up to 3 days. Yeah…these aren’t just normal scorpions… *shudders*

One thing I didn’t mention in that post is that while my family did get rid of the scorpion, they also couldn’t stop laughing at my reaction. I guess I don’t shriek incoherently very often. *smile*

Story Time, Part Two

The comments on my post—complete with horrified gifs—were entertaining as well. So thanks to all of you who commented and helped me see the humor in the freakiness.

Here are two of my favorite comments:

Yvonne Marjot asked:
“Dear Jami – do you ever have ordinary days?”

And well…guilty. But as I told her, I’m really and truly trying to have a normal life. Unfortunately, I’ve been quite the failure at that, as a normal life just doesn’t seem to be in the plans for me. *sigh*

Lissa Johnston suggested:
“Superhero #storyidea”

I replied with:

“I’ve already been bitten on my tongue by fire ants (don’t ask) and didn’t get any special powers, so I wouldn’t hold out hope for that. LOL!”

Yes, that is also a true story. Fire ants bit me on my tongue after I didn’t notice a couple of them crawling on a nut cluster I popped into my mouth (so the scorpion story could have been worse!).

(See? I told you that I fail at normal. *sigh*)

After the bite, I almost had to go to the hospital for anaphylactic shock, so I don’t recommend trying it out—no matter how much you’re hoping for superpowers. *grin*

Blogiversary Contest Winners!

And now, the part you’ve all really been waiting for…the winners from my 7th Annual Blogiversary Contest!


Elle Lee Love

Christina Gonzalez

Congratulations to you all! You should receive an email from me within the next day, so start thinking about what prize you want. Should I be worried? *smile*

Do you share my heebie-jeebies on that story? Do you have any weird or freaky stories to share? Or am I the only one this kind of stuff happens to? *shudders* Have I not responded to your Facebook friend request yet? (They’ve been squirrely, so I might have missed some.) Any suggestions for which prize the winners should pick?

Comments — What do you think?

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Elle Lee Love
Elle Lee Love

Wow!!!!!! I am working at the mall and trying not to scream with joy! I woke up to a wet basement because our central air broke. I so needed some good news today. Thanks so much! I need to message all my writing friends now!


Well, I realized some time ago that I’m more disturbed by bugs than most people are, haha. There are exceptions, though. I was much braver when I was a kid.

Sara Litchfield

Bitten…. on the tongue…. by fire ants… *twitch twitch* I can’t even!! Congrats to the winners, I’m jealous 🙂

Deborah Makarios

Well done you for seven years of quality content, particularly in adverse conditions (round of applause). You’re like the US postal service – you always get through!
And don’t worry, you aren’t the only one wondering what normal would be like. Back in my teens, I briefly gained the superpower of levitation when our cat brought in a Papuan Black snake – neurotoxins causing life-threatening paralysis, anyone? I levitated right up the bookcase (another reason why built-in bookcases are a good idea).

Clare O’Beara

Shriek! Scorpion? I’m glad you’re still with us!

I don’t do facebook so keep posting on your blog if you want to reach everyone.

Well done to the anniversary winners, enjoy whatever prizes you pick.

Julie Glover

You are clearly made of some sturdy stuff for God or the universe, or whatever you want to call it, to think you can get through all these challenges. And now that I’ve said that, you’re probably wishing you were less sturdy. I’m just hoping at the end of this bumpy road, you get a very long break when everything goes your way. Anytime now… Any. Time. Now. 😀

Doris Mahala
Doris Mahala

Love the “Scorpion” story. Yup, I do believe it. *snicker*
I was a nanny for a married couple that worked at the Wyoming state penitentiary in Rawlings.
I was getting ready to go to my other job being a waitress in a lounge in a motel/hotel.
By the time that the mother got home she found not only her two children and myself upon the dining room table and I had tears running down my face with my eye liner making black streaks on my cheeks.
Where was the “Scorpion”
In my dress shoes that I wore for that job.
Thankfully I was not late to my job, however, the family teased me about it as long as I worked/lived with them. “just another day in the life of someone who can ‘FALL’ up hills and mountains” and can cry over anything, in fact, can mourn and sob over a character in an authors book.
Looking forward to reading the books I received from Amazon.
I wish that they had been signed.
Oh well, if I become a published author I would feel honoured to send you a signed book. *hint, hint* tee hee

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