Beat Sheet Basics: Know Your Story’s Structure

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Beat sheets, long used by movie scriptwriters, can also help us create strong stories for our novels.

Don’t know what beat sheets are or how to use them?

Do you write by the seat of your pants and don’t want to plan your story in advance?

Never fear—learn the terminology, uses, and ways to adapt beat sheets to our writing methods. At the end of this class, students will have an overview of story structure and beat sheets:

  • Introduction to story arcs
  • Introduction to beats and terminology
  • Digging deeper to avoid formulaic clichés
  • Using beat sheets to find unnecessary scenes and pacing issues
  • How those who write by the seat of their pants can use beat sheets too


Class Details:

This OnDemand workshop includes a recorded webinar and a thorough handout:

  • The recorded webinar runs over 90 minutes and is viewable on your schedule, right from your internet browser (best viewed in Firefox or Chrome). Watch the presentation as many times as you want. The presentation is fully bookmarked so you can jump to the section of the presentation you need when you have questions.
  • The handout includes more information and tips on story structure, beats, and beat sheets. This workshop is designed to help writers learn story structure from the ground up.


Jami Gold doesn’t plot her stories in advance despite her love of story structure. Her background includes project management, teaching, and public speaking, and she’s also a popular blogger and social media ninja.

100% of survey respondents agree: They’d take another of Jami’s classes and would recommend her workshops to their friends. Click here to read comments from Jami’s previous students.

Comments from Some of Her Previous “Beat Sheet Basics” Students:

“You just helped me figure out the ending for book 2.” — Rhenna Morgan

“You’ve made me want to go play with beat sheets now. I have a very messy first draft that I’d love to play with. This was wonderful.” — Tui Snider

See more comments from Jami’s previous students.

Note: If you’re looking for Jami’s more advanced story structure workshop, “Lost Your Pants? The Impatient Writer’s Guide to Plotting a Story,” sign up here to be notified when she next runs that live class. (Or catch the OnDemand version of “Lost Your Pants?” for a limited time.)

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