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Jami's Latest Blog Posts for Readers

While Jami’s blog focuses on the craft, business, and life of writing, some of her posts cover topics that might interest readers too. These include news about her book releases and contests, as well as some fun stuff about her and her thoughts about the romance genre, books, and reading in general.

Or you can find all her posts for Readers at this link.

Romance Love: Happy Valentine’s Day!

It's often not easy to be a romance author, and the time around Valentine's Day can be especially trying. A whole day (or week) focused on love and romance brings out all types of naysayers for the romance genre.
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What Do You Want in a Bookstore?

Many authors dream of working with books beyond just writing them and become editors, agents, librarians, or booksellers. In fact, Angela Quarles, my writing bestie, is opening a bookstore! And she's looking for suggestions to make her genre- and writer-friendly shop among the best.
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