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Jami's Latest Blog Posts for Readers

While Jami’s blog focuses on the craft, business, and life of writing, some of her posts cover topics that might interest readers too. These include news about her book releases and contests, as well as some fun stuff about her and her thoughts about the romance genre, books, and reading in general.

Or you can find all her posts for Readers at this link.

Writing Your Worldview: Biases and Beyond

Science can be influenced by societal assumptions, so we certainly can't keep "social ideas" out of our fiction. Our preferences, biases, beliefs, assumptions, etc. affect everything—whether we recognize them or not.
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Sexy Scenes: Open Door or Closed Door?

There's no right or wrong answer for how to depict intimacy in our writing—only what's right for our story. The "right" amount can depend on our genre, our characters, their situation, their emotional journey, and our target audience.
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Wonder Woman: The Essence of a Strong Female Character

What makes a "strong female character"? We can struggle to define them because we see so few successful portrayals of such characters—especially in movies. Luckily, Diana Prince in Wonder Woman is a wonderful (ha!) example, so let's break down her strengths so we can push for more characters like her in our stories.
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Release News! How Do You Celebrate?

Yesterday marked the release of my fifth book, Stone-Cold Heart. Even though I didn't do anything special, that was a mistake. We should take the time to celebrate our victories, no matter what they are or where we find them.
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Genre Reading: Is “Escapism” a Bad Thing?

Certain types of reading are sometimes valued more than others. One descriptive term that's often used as a put-down for genre stories is escapism, but is romance or any other genre story really "escapism"? What does that mean? Is escapism a "bad" thing, and if so, why?
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Story Immersion: What Pulls You In?

When I first joined Goodreads, their account form asked me: "What Kind of Books Do You Like to Read?" My answer to that question helped me realize that I love becoming immersed in a story, the sense that we're not just reading words on a page. But what creates story immersion?
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