Jami’s Books

Jami’s currently working on her paranormal romance series, The Mythos Legacy. The series kicks off with a short story, Unintended Guardian, and she has three follow-up novels completed: Treasured Claim (winner of 3 Grand Prize/First Place RWA chapter contests), Pure Sacrifice, and Ironclad Devotion.

In addition, she has The Resurrected, an urban fantasy novel with women’s fiction elements, and a novella, The Hornet’s Virgin, a post-apocalyptic dark fairytale (First Place in the Celtic Hearts RWA chapter contest).

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Unintended Guardian

A shapeshifting gryphon cursed to eternal darkness…

Sunlight shouldn’t be deadly to Griff Cyrus. Determined to break his curse, he follows an oracle’s bizarre instructions to have a magical package shipped to his apartment. Since when do brown trucks deliver mystical cures?

A lonely woman craving the spice of life…

Kala Kaneko’s social life couldn’t be more bland. When a strange parcel arrives at her door by mistake, she seizes the excuse to introduce herself to the intended recipient, her mysterious neighbor.

Fate has a twisted sense of humor…

Griff expects the package to free him from the curse, but opening the box unleashes a mythical creature bent on Kala’s death. Yet if Griff follows his instincts to protect her, he could sacrifice his last chance at freedom.

Completed 8K standalone paranormal romance. This story’s worldbuilding establishes The Mythos Legacy, a loosely-connected paranormal romance series where couples consisting of humans and varied mythological races each find their happily ever after.

Treasured Claim

A shapeshifting dragon on the verge of starvation…

For Elaina Drake, sparkling jewels aren’t a frivolous matter. Without more treasure for her hoard, she’ll starve. On the run from her murderous father, she’s desperate enough to steal—er, acquire.

A modern-day knight seeking redemption…

Disgusted by his father’s immorality, Alexander Wyatt, Chicago’s biggest corporate titan, is determined to be a man of honor. Yet the theft of a necklace, stolen by an exotic beauty at his latest fundraiser, threatens to destroy all his charitable work.

A predator made prey…

Passion ignites between thief and philanthropist, sparking a game of temptation where jewelry is the prize. But when Elaina’s exposure jeopardizes Alex’s life, she must choose: run again to evade her father—or risk both their lives for love.

Completed 91K standalone paranormal romance for The Mythos Legacy.
Grand Prize Winner (the highest score of all winners across all categories) and First Place in the Valley of the Sun’s RWA 2012 Hot Prospects contest, Fantasy/Futuristic/Paranormal category.
First Place in the Yellow Rose’s RWA 2013 Winter Rose contest, Paranormal category.
First Place in the Tampa Area Romance Authors’ RWA 2013 TARA contest, Paranormal category.
Additional Six-time Finalist: 2013 Toronto Romance Writers RWA’s The Catherine contest, 2013 Smoky Mountain RWA’s Laurie contest, 2013 FF&P RWA’s On the Far Side contest, 2013 Northeast Ohio RWA’s Cleveland Rocks Romance contest, 2012 Missouri RWA’s Gateway to the Best contest, and 2012 Indiana RWA’s Indiana Golden Opportunity contest.
(Some contests completed under the former title of The Treasure of a Dragon’s Heart.)

Pure Sacrifice

Mythology PR Handbook: “Unicorns: Good. Innocent. Pure.”
All lies.

Celia Hawkins wishes a man—any man—would notice her. She does not want to reach her twenty-first birthday still a virgin, but the guys at college act like she’s invisible. All except for one…

To save his kind from extinction, Markos Ambrostead, the last shapeshifting Guardian of the unicorn race, must keep the chosen virgin untainted until she turns twenty-one. But his protective magic has flaws…

Four months before her birthday, Markos rescues Celia from an attempted rape. Emboldened by his attention, Celia’s determined to make them… Friends.
Maybe more.
Maybe much more.
And that’s going to be a problem for her ritual sacrifice.

Completed 107K standalone paranormal romance for The Mythos Legacy.

Ironclad Devotion

A faerie princess evading her fate…

Banal and boring, Earth is no place for a faerie, but Kira can’t go home without dooming her people. Desperate, she fosters an abandoned girl, the child’s joy the means for avoiding her homeland.

A blacksmith with something to prove…

Zachary Chase refuses to be a deadbeat parent like his mother was. But his involvement reveals he and Kira share more than devotion to his just-discovered daughter, as their desires tempt them into one “no consequences” night.

Until time runs out…

Yet the closer they become, the more Kira risks exposing her life to the faerie traitor she barely escaped as a child. Secrets have an expiration date, and her enemy closes in—eager to finish the job.

Completed 103K standalone paranormal romance for The Mythos Legacy.

The Resurrected

A mother’s choice: Save the world or save her family.

No one would claim an ex-con-artist has the makings of a good mother. Especially not Collette. Regardless, she’s determined to give her son the loving childhood she never had. Devoting herself to her husband and young son might even help atone for her sins.

But her chance for redemption disappears when a power-hungry immortal orchestrates her abduction for his scheme to control the world. Unwilling to add to her score of transgressions, she rebels against his commands—until he threatens to kill her family.

Now Collette must choose: thwart his plans and sacrifice her husband and son, or submit and allow this tyrant to enslave humanity.

Completed 95K urban fantasy with women’s fiction elements. Although this is a self-contained story with a definitive ending, it is intended to be the first book in The 7th Generation series.

The Hornet’s Virgin

While this is a low-class hornet’s snuggery,
I still have a shred of self-respect.

Like all female orphans in Downriver, Julia’s life follows a predictable path. Work from the age of two. Endure slavery at a snuggery from the age of eight.

And hope no one buys the key to her belt.

But when a powerful member of the ruling class pays a record amount for the right to strip her of her virginity, she’s going to lose her belt, the one thing protecting her from the rape gangs. Julia’s days of relative safety will end—unless she can unravel the secrets of Downriver in time to save herself.

Completed 21K post-apocalyptic dark fairytale set in a future that mixes barbaric medieval attitudes and steam engine technology. A spam comment to my blog (“While this is a low-class hornet’s snuggery”) inspired the first line of this novella and developed into a full-blown world, filled with hornets, snuggers, and the man who secretly controls them all.
First Place in the Celtic Hearts’s RWA 2012 Novellas Need Love Too contest, Paranormal category.
Finalist in the 2013 How Lyrical Is Your Romance? contest sponsored by Lyrical Press.