An Introvert's Guide to Twitter

$20.00 (tax incl.)$35.00 (tax incl.)

Many authors are introverts at heart, and yet we need to interact with others to be successful. Other writers can help us through the maze of our career path, and our readers want to know the “real” us.

Twitter is an easy way to connect with others, stay on top of industry news, and build our platform. But how can we make Twitter work for us if we’re an introvert?

Twitter is much more than a place for spammy “buy my book” links and updates on what we had for lunch. Learn proven techniques to join Twitter conversations and make friends:

  • Learn the difference between @ replies and retweets—and when to use each
  • Identify opportunities to reach out to others
  • How to “get credit” for helping others
  • Learn about planned Twitter chats
  • Know what makes us likable in online interactions
$20.00 (tax incl.)$35.00 (tax incl.)


Class Details:

This OnDemand workshop includes a recorded webinar and a thorough handout:

  • The recorded webinar runs over an hour and is viewable on your schedule, right from your internet browser (best viewed in Firefox or Chrome). Watch the presentation as many times as you want. The presentation is fully bookmarked so you can jump to the section of the presentation you need when you have questions.
  • The 20+ page handout includes more information and tips on Twitter, social media, and growing our platform. This workshop is designed to help every Twitter user, from those who don’t yet have an account to those looking to grow to the advanced level.

(Note: Twitter has changed functionality over the years, so some minor details about the app itself in the workshop are out of date. However, the overall points and social aspects are still valid.)


Jami Gold is a fellow introvert who might be a wee bit too addicted to Twitter. Her background includes project management, internet structure, teaching, and public speaking, and she’s also a popular blogger and social media ninja.

100% of survey respondents agree: They’d take another of Jami’s classes and would recommend her workshops to their friends. Click here to read comments from Jami’s previous students.

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