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Reconnecting with Our Passions: Storytelling

A pencil tied in a knot with text: Lost Your Passion for Writing?

In my last post, we talked about struggling to write when suffering from burnout. Maintaining a connection with our passions can help us endure the problems of life, and remembering how and why we have passion for writing might help us recover from burnout.

June 29, 2017

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Wonder Woman: The Essence of a Strong Female Character

Wonder Woman poster: Silhouette on a beach at sunset with added text: The Wonder of a Strong Female Character

What makes a “strong female character”? We can struggle to define them because we see so few successful portrayals of such characters—especially in movies. Luckily, Diana Prince in Wonder Woman is a wonderful (ha!) example, so let’s break down her strengths so we can push for more characters like her in our stories.

June 8, 2017

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How to Make Our Story Feel Meaningful

Three Sister mountain formation with text: Strengthening Our Story's Echoes

Story is different from plot, but sometimes we can have lots of plot ideas, and we might not be sure if—or how—we can pull those together into something that feels like a story. Let’s get some tips…

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January 12, 2017

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How Does Our Writing Affect Readers?

Snowy evening with text: Stories Are... Magical Time

Given world events, many people want an escape right now. Our writing—our stories—can give readers a breather, a chance to recover, an opportunity to regroup and build up strength or defenses. The crazier the world, the more the world needs our stories.

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December 22, 2016

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3 Acting Tips to Strengthen Our Voice — Guest: Libby Heily

Actor holding up a mask with text: Acting to Improve Our Voice

When writing, do you ever make the facial expressions of your characters? In that way, most writers are like actors, but other acting skills can help our writing too. Today, Libby Heily shares how we can deepen our characters, strengthen our voice, and sharpen our dialogue with acting skills.

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November 10, 2016

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