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Unintended Guardian

by Jami Gold on February 19, 2015

Unintended Guardian


A Short Story Introduction
to the Mythos World

Cursed to darkness,
a shapeshifting gryphon makes
a wish for freedom.
She shows up instead…
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About the Book

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A shapeshifting gryphon cursed to eternal darkness…

Sunlight shouldn’t be deadly to Griff Cyrus. Determined to break his curse, he follows an oracle’s bizarre instructions to have a magical package shipped to his apartment. Since when do brown trucks deliver mystical cures?

A lonely woman craving the spice of life…

Kala Kaneko’s social life couldn’t be more bland. When a strange parcel arrives at her door by mistake, she seizes the excuse to introduce herself to the intended recipient, her mysterious neighbor.

Fate has a twisted sense of humor…

Griff expects the package to free him from the curse, but opening the box unleashes a mythical creature bent on Kala’s death. Yet if Griff follows his instincts to protect her, he could sacrifice his last chance at freedom.

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Welcome to the Mythos Legacy!

Unintended Guardian is the free short story introduction to the Mythos Legacy series, where real myths find real love. An excerpt of Treasured Claim, the first full-length novel in the series, is included at the back of this book!

Each standalone story in the series can be read in any order (and ends happily!). I hope you enjoy these contemporary fantasy/paranormal romances, where mythological beings like shapeshifting gryphons find their perfect match among humans.



Series: The Mythos Legacy, Book .5
Genres: Fantasy Romance, Paranormal Romance
Tags: Bestseller, Free Reads, Interracial Stories, Shapeshifter Stories, Short Stories
Publisher: Blue Phoenix Press
Publication Year: 2015
ISBN: 9781942928003
List Price: $0.99

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